Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Truly Sick Saturday

Sick, as an adjective is defined as "suffering from or affected with a physical illness." In more recent years, a slang form of the word has come to mean "incredible or awesome". To demonstrate the difference, let me use the following sentence: This weekend is full of some totally sick shows, but unfortunately I will be too sick to attend any of them."

Yes, my body chose an unfortunate weekend to catch whatever bug has been going around. Instead of hearing some sick (as in awesome) music, I will be home resting, drinking lots of fluids, trying to not be sick (as in illness). For those of you feeling well enough to go out, check out these great shows.

  • Texas Showcase Showdown (House of Blues)
    I'm not sure of the exact order of the lineup, or which bands play where within the venue. What I do know is that several acts I rave about on a regular basis are gonna be at HOB. For a $10-12 ticket, you get to see the cut*off, Dove Hunter, Telegraph Canyon, Elkhart, Doug Burr, Little Black Dress, The Orbans, and many other Texas artists. The show starts at 7, and I'd get there early, just in case your favorite is the opener.

  • THe BAcksliders/Cocky Americans/Slider Pines (The Lounge on Elm Street)
    THe BAcksliders have played very few shows around here lately, and tonight was supposed to be the night I got my BAcksliders fill. Damnit. Cocky Americans still remain one of the best bands I have yet to see, and Slider Pines really impressed me when I saw them at Double-Wide. For people who prefer rawk to rock, this is the show for you.

  • Slow Burners/Menkena/Matthew & The Arrogant Sea (City Tavern)
    I feel like I've spent more time talking about Menkena and have been to more Menkena shows than any other band this year. That might have something to do with the fact that Menkena is totally awesome. Menkena has a truly fresh sound, and well written lyrics that show that good musicianship and good storytelling are not mutually exclusive traits.

  • Johnny Lloyd Rollins/Jungle Rockers/Sunward (Double-Wide)
    Sunward is one of the most raved about bands over on the Adventures in Live Music blog. If you haven't been reading it, check out the link over to the left. Anyways, I've been to far fewer Sunward shows, but I've always liked their vibe. Also, headliner Johnny Lloyd Rollins never fails to entertains.

  • Alejandro Escovado/Rahim Quazi (Poor David's Pub)
    I usually prefer focusing exclusively on artists from the metroplex. However, Austin musician Alejandro Escovado is a truly remarkable talent worthy of mention. Also, his opening act Rahim Quazi is local, and he remains in my book one of the biggest talents in this metroplex, and his live shows always feel fresh and unique. Rahim is never one to just phone in a show, but instead varies his melodies from performance to performance, leaving the audience member eagerly anticipating what new form the songs will take. Mr. Quazi alone is reason enough to pay the cover charge, but stick around for Alejandro anyways for an even bigger bang for your buck.

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