Friday, April 11, 2008

This Weekend, in Brief

I use the word "brief" because there seem to be fewer good show options than usual. Here is the quick rundown on shows.

The Slack (Barley House)
Tonight is Chris Holt's birthday, and he wants everyone to come out to help him get "shitcanned" (his words, not mine). Come watch in amazing as he gets "shitcanned" and still pulls out a performance that most musicians could only dream of.
Somebody's Darling, Graham Wilkinson (Gezellig)
Sorry guys, I'm at a loss for new and creative ways about raving about Somebody's Darling. Maybe I'll find some new adjectives in time for the next show.
Nicholas Altobelli (White Rock Coffee)
The White Rock Coffee MySpace has him listed as playing tonight, but he's not. I have been wanting an opportunity to see him play, but tonight won't be that night.

The Mullens, The Bug Nasties, American Werewolf Academy (Double-Wide)
For the past three years or so, I have always believed American Werewolf Academy to be one of Dallas' most underappreciated bands. Quick has shone its spotlight on AWA, so I can only hope that maybe it will translate into a larger following. The Mullens will headline tonight, and based on the songs I've heard, the performance will a sloppy mess, and I mean that as a compliment, not an insult. The Mullens take the sloppy energy of 70's punk yet infuse it with just enough of a pop sensibility to keep it from being the wrong kind of sloppy mess.

Finally, I'm uncertain of the status of the Saturday night Dada show featuring Birds of Avalon, The Felons, and Tober Omi. The Dada MySpace says Birds of Avalon cancelled, though I thought I heard Amanda Newman say that it was The Felons that cancelled. Wilderness in the City makes no mention of the gig, and Bill ALWAYS takes the opportunity to plug a Felons show. If you want to see The Felons at Dada, you'll probably have to wait two Saturdays from now, which is sure to be the biggest show of the month. More on that later, that's another entry for another day.


Steve M said...

yeah - both Birds of Avalon and The Felons cancelled ("Adam has to work", I was told), so it's just Tober Omi at Dada at the moment.

btw, thanks for the mention. one correction, tho - it's vodka goggles, not beer. ;)

see you on the 26th...

bill h said...

Thanks for the mention. yes, adam bass player had to work doing sound, and Dave was coming in from out of town. We were sorry to have to cancel. Felons are playing 4-26 for ultraviolet show; 5-10 for Val's birthday, 5-17 with Mr Gnome and 6-4 with Salim (!)

We'll be out tonight at gallery walk, probly drop by dada for a beer.

KatieMac said...

Nicholas Altobelli will play at White Rock on May 17th because he had to reschedule because of shows in Oklahoma.