Sunday, April 27, 2008 Playlist: 4/27/08

Note: the tracks on the playlist are put on shuffle, and will almost certainly not be played in this order.

  1. "Black Snake Moan", Blind Lemon Jefferson - What was I thinking when I left out Blind Lemon from my inaugural playlist. That oversight has now been corrected.

  2. "Blue Balloon Girl", Blue Petal - They'll be opening up for Rahim Quazi at Club Dada for his CD release party. Speaking of CD's, you can find this track on the Ultraviolet compilation CD. Buy it. Now.

  3. "The Boy The Story Wrote", The Chemistry Set - I saw Corey Helms play with Polyphonic Spree Thursday night, and watched Josh Hoover fill in on drums for Sunward Saturday night. Mr. Hoover also plays with Johnny Lloyd Rollins and Fate Lions. While I'm glad to see these guys from Chemistry Set still playing around town, there is still a void from the demise of this band.

  4. "Gravitate", Chomsky - After a three year hiatus, the guys in Chomsky are back playing shows again. In fact, they will be playing this Saturday at the Granada Theater, which will certainly feel less cramped than the Double-Wide reunion show.

  5. "2 Or 3 Chord Punk", Clay Pendergrass - Trivia fact: Clay was the first person to ever post a comment on this blog. He can be found spinning tunes at Club Dada Wednesay nights. Go harass him and tell him "The Ghost" sent you.

  6. "Julianne", The Crash That Took Me - They'll be joining Chomsky this Saturday at the Granada Theater.

  7. "Acrobat", Fishing For Comets - Not much happens in the North Dallas area in regards to the music scene. Fortunately, Fishing For Comets will be playing at the Cottonwood Arts Festival Saturday afternoon. No word on whether or not they'll play this track, yet another from the Ultraviolet compilation CD.

  8. "Teenage Dope Fiend", Flickerstick - It's probably just as well that this playlist is randomized, because can you imagine following up Fishing For Comets with this song? It hurts my head just thinking about it.

  9. "Parking Lot Nights", GhostHustler - I got into discussion about this band at the Quick Big Thing show. The person I was talking to said that he felt that GhostHustler was pretty much a Ghostland Observatory ripoff. Personally, I never understood the hype around Ghostland Observatory, while I feel that GhostHustler is a really good band for those looking for party music that sounds like the halfway point between The Human League and 90's techno. On a separate note, I wonder if these two artists are going to start a wave of sound-alike bands with "Ghost" in their names.

  10. "Just Like Everyone", I Love Math - It took forever, but I Love Math finally released Getting to the Point is Beside It. That CD is not available on yet (hopefully that will change soon), so for now settle for this track from the debut album.

  11. "Background", Macon Greyson - I have often said that Macon Greyson is the best country band in this town, and I'll keep saying it until everyone starts to agree with me. Take a listen to this song and let me know if it helps persuade you to see things my way.

  12. "She'd Walk a Mile", Nourallah Brothers - I am so accustomed to hearing this song performed live by Salim that the version from the Nourallah Brothers CD is a little jarring to me. It's still good (obviously); it just may take a little time for me to get used to this version.

  13. "Victoria (LP Version)", Old 97's - If I were to do a Top 5 list of Old 97's songs, this one would definitely make the cut.

  14. "Who's That Girl?", PPT - Summer may be another month or two off, but I'm going out on a limb and calling this "one of the defining tracks of the summer of 2008." Come on, wave yo, wave yo, wave yo hands hands high. Don't stop.

  15. "If I Had Known", Radiant - They'll be headlining the Granada show this Saturday.

  16. "Last Second", RECORD HOP - Was it just me, or did this band steal the show Thursday night at the Palladium Ballroom? My only complaint with their set was that it seemed way too short.

  17. "Taking Its Toll", Smile Smile - One last track here from the Ultraviolet compilation CD. Are you tired of hearing me talk about the CD yet? Then go out and buy a copy to get me to shut up.

  18. "Bridges", Sorta - I've often told people that I feel Little Bay is the best album this decade, local or otherwise. Although it's hard for me to choose a favorite song off of the CD, "Bridges" just might be my personal favorite. Don't let the catchy melody fool you; the lyrics are as dark as the melody is light.

  19. "Low", Telegraph Canyon - Last week, the band offered up free downloads of several tracks from All The Good News on MySpace. Did you miss out? Better luck next time. Guess you'll have to buy the album now.

  20. "Blown Away", Tripping Daisy - This is the track that convinced me to buy Bill. I so regret never seeing this band live.

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