Sunday, April 20, 2008

Me playing DJ... sort of

I have always wanted to have the ability to have my own radio show where I can shine a spotlight on the best music to come out the metroplex, whether it be current or older. Radio shows don't come easily, and major record labels and songwriting companies are making it cost prohibitive to create internet radio stations. Fortunately, I think I may have found a way to let the masses (okay, "masses" might be too strong of a word) hear music that gets my stamp of approval.

You see, allows you to create your own playlists of songs from their library. Admittedly, their library of local music is somewhat limited, but it's the best I can do for now. My hope is that as time goes by, more artists will upload their music on the site. If you do upload music on, please let me know either through my page or by email (found in my blogger profile). My understanding is that is free for artists to upload their own music. NOTE: DO NOT UPLOAD MUSIC UNLESS IF YOU ARE THE ARTIST OR THE RECORD LABEL OF THE ARTIST. Sorry, had to get the legal disclaimer stuff out of the way.

Each sunday, I will post a new playlist on the blog, and will feature a list of the tracks as well as some random commentary on each song.

  1. "Big Scar", Blackheart Society - Their new CD, OH!! OH!!, was panned by the Observer. Haven't heard the entire thing, but thing song is pretty darn catchy. It features lead singer Ben Fleming doing his best Lou Reed impersonation.

  2. "Move Along", Blue Petal - Don't miss this band Saturday at the Ultraviolet benefit at Club Dada.

  3. "These Are the Dead Days", Calhoun - Until songs from the new Calhoun CD wind up on, you'll have to settle for this Calhoun classic.

  4. "Adults We Know", the cut*off - Speaking of new CD's, the CD release for Packaged Up for Beginners is Saturday at The Moon in Fort Worth. The mere thought of the new CD causes me to salivate.

  5. "Honey", Erykah Badu - Have you seen the video yet? Pure genius.

  6. "Pent Up Brunette", Fury III - One of my faves from the Summer Break Records compilation Sunny Teriyaki Hamburger Breakfast. My one beef? What's up with the name of the band being part of the song title in the player? Looks like sloppy tagging to me.

  7. "The Vice and Virtue Ministry", The Happy Bullets - Pure pop happiness. No further comments necessary.

  8. "Target For Tonight", Johnny Lloyd Rollins - Have you checked out Johnny's blog yet? If not, shame on you! Correct that NOW!

  9. "Carolina", Lifters - Is it just me, or is that one of the most delicious song intros you've heard in awhile?

  10. "If I Only Had a Brain", MC 900 Ft. Jesus - This is a genuine classic right here.

  11. "It Covers the Hillside", Midlake - This song kinda reminds me of Belle & Sebastian for some reason. Hey, that's a good thing in my book.

  12. "Barrier Reef", Old 97's - I knew that my first playlist absolutely had to have an Old 97's song. Not having an Old 97's song would be pure sacrilege.

  13. "Only a Mountain", Pleasant Grove - One of the joys of is that you can download certain tracks like this, free of charge. Of course, any self respecting local music fan owns The Art of Leaving, so what's the point?

  14. "Lithium", The Polyphonic Spree - This cover works far better than one would think on paper.

  15. "Giant Babies", Record Hop - Turn up your computer speakers to 11 for this track.

  16. "Gettin' By", Rose County Fair - John Pedigo is greatness. That is all I have to say.

  17. "So Down", Salim Nourallah - This one is dedicated to the memory of Anju. You will never be forgotten.

  18. "Billy Prichard", Slobberbone - If there was a "How to Write a Song That Tells a Story" class, this track would be mandatory listening.

  19. "Digging Deeper Holes for the Future", Sparrows - Just like I had to do an Old 97's song, I had to have a song on here featuring Carter Albrecht.

  20. "Motivational", Toadies - Rubberneck brought Toadies mainstream success, but their follow up CD Hell Below/Stars Above is their true piece de resistance, and this track is but one reason I believe this.

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