Saturday, April 26, 2008

Places To Be That Are Not the Ultraviolet Benefit

First of all, if you choose one of these shows, PLEASE either donate to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, or better yet, purchase the Ultraviolet Compilation CD. All of the $15 for the cost of the CD go straight to that organization. There's some mighty good music on here from artists like Lovie, El Gato, Baboon, Tim DeLaughter, Fishing For Comets, THe BAcksliders, The Felons, and Somebody's Darling (whose track "Love That Leaves" is my new favorite song). That's just the abridged version of the CD lineup.

OK, now for the other shows happening tonight:

the cut*off, Airline, Binary Sunrise (The Moon)
This is a tough show for me to sacrifice. It's the CD release party for the cut*off's Packaged Up for Beginners, which I predict will make my top 10 CD's of the year list, along with Airline's Farewell Republica. I still haven't seen Binary Sunrise, but as I've said before, Steven Holt is in the band. That is a promising sign.
Salim Nourallah, Fishing For Comets (Opening Bell Coffee)
When a Salim & FFC show is your number 3 pick, that just shows how incredibly awesome the weekend is. By the way Salim, nice job covering "Act Naturally" with King Bucks at the Quick Big Thing.
Stella Rose, Goodwin, Nicholas Altobelli (The Cavern)
Nicholas Altobelli seems like an odd fit for the bill; it's sort of like having Iron & Wine open up for Queens of the Stone Age. Nevertheless, it is a solid bill in terms of talent, plus you can pick up a copy of Mr. Altobelli's EP, Streetcar Visions. Also, I'm glad to see Stella Rose doing a Dallas show, something that happens too rarely.

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