Monday, April 14, 2008

Proper Denglish

When it comes to Dallas hip-hop, Pikahsso, Picnic, and Tahiti (collectively known at PPT) have set the gold standard. Their debut, Tres Monos in Love, manages to blend 70’s soul inspired melodies over a smooth lyrical delivery from the members. I have only heard bits and pieces of the new CD, Denglish, and I have to say that this CD seems to be a more ambitious undertaking, with many of the tracks (“Who’s That Girl?”, “Electricity”) relying less on traditional rap delivery and more on the vocal skills of the three members. If you’re curious to hear the album for yourself, then head over to Tephejez tonight for the CD release party for Denglish. Check out the flyer above for all the necessary information.

By the way, did you catch PPT on the Gordon Keith show? If not, then take this opportunity to check out their performance of “Electricity”.

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