Sunday, April 20, 2008

M2S2 - Today

Here's what you get for your $7 cover charge at Mokah (add $3 more if bringing adult beverages):

  • You get to hear some great music

  • You get to attend a discussion about the local music scene featuring experts within the scene, moderated by Cindy Chaffin

  • You get to hear lots of great music.

  • With your donation, you are supporting the Carter Albrecht Music Foundation.

  • Did I mention you get to hear some great music?

Here is a schedule of the performers. Thanks go out to Smile Smile for the schedule, this one actually including times for the lounge performers.

Flat People, 3-3:30;
Airline, 3:45-4:15;
Jayson Bales Band, 4:30-5:00;
Miles From Nowhere, 5:15-5:45;
Salim Nourallah & The Noise, 6-6:30;
The Slack, 6:45-7:15;
Smile Smile, 7:30-8:00;
Bridges and Blinking Lights, 8:15-8:45.

Something at the Wheel, 5:40-6:00;
Taylor Davis, 6:25-6:45;
Blue Petal, 7:10-7:30;
Camille Cortinas of Fishing For Comets, 7:55-8:15;
Rahim Quazi, 8:40-9:00.

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