Friday, April 18, 2008

Friday Night Shows

I'm sitting on a virtual mountain of things that I need/want to write about, and not enough time to write everything. It also doesn't help that I have this thing called a "real job" to deal with (you know, that thing which allows me to afford to go to shows and blog). So this list of shows to see tonight is just that: a list. You've heard me rave about almost all of these acts before, so look at your options, and choose one.

  • Dove Hunter, Sarah Jaffe, Sean Kirkpatrick (Club Dada)

  • The Slack (Gezellig)

  • Somebody's Darling, Salute (City Tavern)

  • Greater Good opening for Blind Melon (House of Blues)

  • Strange Fruit Project, PPT, The Theater Fire (Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth)

1 comment:

bill h said...

great to see you Friday. That was an exceptional show. Sarah was just so good.