Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Major concert announcement... the sequel

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketIt’s time to announce the next artist that is part of my birthday extravaganza. So, without further ado, I give you…..drum roll, please... the cut*off!!!

For those of you who have not seen the cut*off, you must see this band. If you haven’t seen this band in a few years or so, then it’s time to revisit this band. When I saw them play at the 2005 Katrina benefit at Granada Theater, the band’s sound was so loud and drenched in distortion that it was hard to find the melody in the music. When I revisited the band last November at Dan’s Silverleaf, it might has well have been a different band. Gone was the over the top, louder than loud Mudhoney style of grunge I remembered from that show. The music is still loud and rocking, and the grunge comparisons are still somewhat warranted, especially since the voice of their lead single Kyle can sound similar in tone to Kurt Cobain. Don’t let this comparison fool you; this is not a band trying to be the next Nirvana. One of the most refreshing aspects of this band is their ability to blend acoustic guitar along with Barnhill’s appreciation of the Neil Young school of songwriting. Now the noise exists within the confines of Kyle’s sonic landscapes, where acoustic guitar and feedback can exist within the same song, producing a sound that is fresher than any lame label that I or any other music critic or record company executive could give. So it’s time to quit while I’m ahead at the comparison game. If you really want to understand what the band sounds like, go to their website (the link is listed in the Great Local Bands section) and sample their music. I particularly recommend “Adults We Know” from The Rorschache E.P. Better yet, buy the EP, and start saving your pennies for their upcoming full length album to be released (hopefully this November) on Summer Break Records.

… And now for something completely different. Here are profiles on all four members of the cut*off. I’ve taken a few artistic liberties with the descriptions of these guys; hopefully they don’t mind, or at the very least they won’t sue for slander.

Kyle (vocals, guitar): This guy goes by several aliases: Doug Ipswitch, Lunchbox, Yardbird, Tuggs, the list goes on and on. I’m not sure if he’s in sure of the perfect rock star name or he’s hiding from the FBI. In the meantime, Kyle, if you need a new nickname, this one comes straight from Fast Eddie: Kretch. That’s right, you new name is Kretch. Hope you enjoy it. Don’t worry; it sounds better after a few beers.

Jayson (guitar): When Jayson’s not busy busting out killer guitar solos, he’s working on a secret project to create a mixed tape so brilliant that he can conquer the world with said tape. He says his formula to a killer mix tape playlist keeps changing. Potential opening track candidates include The Clash’s “London Calling,” Elliott Smith’s “Independence Day”, or The Beatles’ “Dear Prudence.” He argues that the latter song would work equally well as a closer. Jayson also enjoys rocking out on the Salt-N-Pepa classic “Push It”; I could not get him to comment on whether or not that song would make the cut for the mixed tape.

Chad (bass): The recently married bassist for the cut*off is under the mistaken impression that the best bass solo is either from The Beatles’ “I Want You (She’s So Heavy) or Murray Head’s “One Night in Bangkok.” He’s wrong. Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” outdoes them both. So there.

Jake (drums): Not only is Jake a killer drummer, he’s also a first class dancer. He pioneered the Shark dance earlier this year, and he promises to bust out some new moves at the Barley House show. I’m sworn to secrecy for fear of having the wrath of cut*off superfan “The Squid” unleashed upon me. I will say this: seeing Jake’s moves on the dance floor alone is reason enough to attend my birthday show. Come on out Saturday and catch him before he leaves for L.A. to be on this season’s lineup for “Dancing with the Stars”.

So here’s a recap. Saturday, August 25th, is my birthday bash at Barley House. Rahim Quazi will start the set with a killer solo performance. Once Mr. Quazi has stepped off the stage, the cut*off will bring the mayhem to my show. But who, you ask, will headline? The result shall be revealed tonight.

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