Thursday, August 2, 2007

Friday I'm in Love

So, do you know what you’re doing Friday night? Are you rearranging your sock drawer? Alphabetizing your CD collection? Watching Law & Order repeats? Well your sock drawer is fine, you can watch Law & Order repeats any time, and to be honest, you’re too busy listening to your ipod to care if your CD collection is alphabetized. Besides, why stay at home when there are five excellent options for shows Friday night? Let’s take a look:

  1. Former Dallasite Kristy Kruger returns to her former home away from home, Opening Bell Coffee. She’s been touring all across the 50 states in remembrance of her brother, Lt. Col. Eric Kruger, who was killed in the Iraq war earlier this year. There is a $10 cover charge (it’s called a “donation,” but since it’s required, I call it a cover charge.) Trust me, I’ve seen her play there, and you will get your money’s worth and then some.
  2. THe BAcksliders will play at Lakewood Bar & Grill, along with the Masons. In case you didn’t notice, THe BAcksliders were nominated in the Dallas Observer Music Awards for Best Blues Artist. Although they do heavily incorporate the blues into their music, I think to call them a blues band is a severe oversimplification. It’s a mix of all the best aspects of punk rock, blues, soul, and straight ahead rock n’ roll. It doesn’t matter what you call it, because once you hear the voice of Kim Pendleton (ex-Vibrolux) and Chris Bonner’s superior skills on the guitar, you’ll become a fan.
  3. Rose County Fair, another DOMA nominee, will play at Barley House starting at 10 pm. They’re the only one playing that night, since the excellent 500 Miles to Memphis are no longer on the bill. That’s OK though, because Rose County Fair are reason enough to get out. Besides, there’s never a cover at Barley House, which leaves plenty of money to buy their CD, The Overture. And drinks, of course.
  4. The Cavern has two DOMA nominees playing Friday night. Smile Smile, who received 4 nominations including Best New Act and Best Song for “Sad Song,” will open up the show at 9. The Valentines will be headlining the show. They are up for both Best Indie Rock and Best Act in Town. Sandwiched in between them are out-of-towners Mark Mallman (from Minneapolis) and The Redwalls (from Chicago).
  5. Denton folks, fear not. Hailey’s has a great show for you. Black Tie Dynasty is headlining a great show featuring Red Monroe backing Tyson Meade (of Chainsaw Kittens), as well as the ever unique Tree Wave.

I will probably opt for option number 5. Black Tie Dynasty always put on a solid show, plus I’ve never gotten to see Tree Wave. I’ve always wanted to see what music they can make with their Ataris and Commodore 64’s. I guess it’s the classic video game geek in me that wants to see them. Plus, even though I’ve only seen Red Monroe once, I was quite impressed with them and I wanted to give them another listen. Feel free to join me at Hailey’s, or choose one of the other four fine choices for Friday. Just step away from the sock drawer.

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