Monday, August 20, 2007

Catching up

Hello, readers. Sorry it’s taken me so long to post another entry. I’ve been busy changing the template of the blog (among other things), and in the process I’ve neglected the content of the blog. To make matters worse, my teaching job is about to start full time, which will leave less time for writing. I will try to not slack off on my blogging duties, but I make no promises. Since I haven’t written in so long, this entry may jump around from point to point somewhat. That’s what happens when you have too much to say, and you’re saying it at two in the morning. So with that forewarning, here we go.

I missed the DOMA Music Awards ceremony, and I’m sure you’ve read the reviews in the other blogs. I can’t say I’m sorry to miss seeing the Steve Miller Band or Meat Loaf covers, but I do resent the implication that these musicians are second class players. The members of Shibboleth are all accomplished musicians in their own rights. Also, Kim Pendleton (THe BAcksliders) and Jenn Nabb, two of Dallas’ finest female singers, graced the stage. Either of these ladies could sing the telephone book and would leave me captivated and breathless. Moral of the story: trash the musical selections all you want, but leave the musicians alone.

I also went to Club Dada Saturday night and watched quite a showcase put on by John Solis of Method Entertainment. I arrived at 6:00 pm, just in time to catch A Pacific Model. I’m not good at the “name the musical influences” game, but if I had to play, I’d tell you to imagine Radiohead with Jeff Buckley as the lead singer. Chemistry Set, Calhoun, and Airline all played wonderful sets, as I would expect from the band. I discovered four bands that night: two did not impress me (Salute and Latture), one impressed me (Greater Good), and Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Lights simply blew my mind. Solis described them to me as a slightly more polished Black Crowes, but I’m gonna have to lean more towards Sly & The Family Stone meets Zeppelin. This isn’t southern rock a la The Crowes; this is soul music, plain and simple. Why the press hasn’t fallen in love with this band, I don’t know. Why I haven’t heard more buzz around this band confuses me even more. I predict this will change in the near future.

As for this coming weekend, it’s a biggie. Those who know me are aware that it’s my birthday weekend, and every year I book some pretty damn good shows. Not to brag, but past performers have included Deathray Davies, Sorta, The Happy Bullets, Fishing For Comets, THe BAcksliders, Macon Greyson, The Happiness Factor, and Budapest One. OK, so I do mean to brag. Sue me.

Here’s the deal. For the first time, the Friday night show will NOT be held at Barley House. That was the original plan, but Salim Nourallah had to go book his CD Release Party at Granada Theater. There was no way I could compete with this lineup, so I gave up, gave in, and decided to spend Friday night at the Granada. It’s also a CD Release Party for Chris Holt’s new band, The Slack. Also on the bill are headliners Radiant, Johnny Lloyd Rollins, and Rahim Quazi, who will open the show with a short solo acoustic set.

Speaking of Mr. Quazi, he’ll also be the opening act the following night at Barley House. For those who haven’t seen him, you’re missing an incredible singer-songwriter. His melodies and lyrics are simple, which is not to be mistaken for simplistic. With songs like “Coffeebreak,” he manages to write lyrics that are not overly flowery, but are straight forward and go straight to your heart. Oh, and he can rock too, as demonstrated by the MP3 below.

As for the rest of the Saturday night lineup at Barley House, stay tuned…

MP3: Rahim Quazi - A Different View

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