Thursday, August 9, 2007

For those living under a rock...

This Saturday will be the Dallas Observer Music Awards Showcase. For a mere $5, you will receive a wristband that will let you into 6 different clubs. The event starts at 6 pm and will end at midnight. This will also be your last opportunity to cast your ballot for your favorite nominees. If you'd like to vote before the ceremony, go here to vote now.

This is a phenomenal lineup, and I'm having a difficult time deciding who I'll see at any given time. Do I see Fishing For Comets or Doug Burr at 6:00 pm? Sorta, PPT, or Theater Fire at 11:00 pm? I don't even want to think about the 9:00 hour, where every single artist is one I'd love to see. Needless to say, my feet will probably be plenty tired at the end of the evening, after walking from club to club to club.

This will be a fabulous opportunity to see some of your favorite bands for very little money. Even if you don't know many of the bands, this makes for a great opportunity to discover some new favorites. If you want to try to schedule your
evening, take a look at the schedule.

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One correction to the above schedule: Marc Solomon (nominated for Best Musician) will be filling in for Black Tie Dynasty at the 11:00 pm slot at The Cavern. No word on whether he'll be playing solo or if some of his Zounds Sounds students will be backing him up.

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