Friday, August 24, 2007

It all starts tonight...

Tonight begins the insanity of my birthday celebration. First, let me clear something up. There is a vicious rumour being spread, stating that I will be turning 34 this Saturday. Allow me to set the record straight. I am turning 25, just like I have for the previous nine years. Why should this year be any different?

I haven't left home yet, and I will probably miss Rahim's solo set. It's a bummer to be certain, but I can take solace in the fact that I'll see him play at Barley House tomorrow night. For the record, he'll open the show around 10 or so. For more details on the lineup, read the previous blog entry.

I can't wait to see the lineup. This will be my first time to see Radiant, although I was quite impressed with their debut CD, The Sound of Splitting Atoms. Speaking of CD's, it's a double CD release party. Salim finally releases Snowing in My Heart, his follow up to his brilliant Beautiful Noise album. Also, The Slack releases its first official CD with Wishful Sinking (Chris Holt's solo CD, Summer Reverb, is being reissued as a Slack CD). And Johnny Lloyd Rollins always rocks. Period. End of story.

If you can, you need to make it out tonight, and wish me a happy 25th birthday. I mean, how many times does a guy turn 25? More often than you might think, actually.


MRS+*¨^¨*+POTTER said...

Thank you for keeping me updated on all the great music that I am missing. I wish you a very HAPPY 25th BIRTHDAY and I know you will have many more to follow.

I am missing you.

Great job on the BLOG! It is FANTASTIC! I am so proud!


Camille said...

happy 25th. sorry i can't be there.