Monday, August 6, 2007

Growing pains

I have a personal tendency to dive into any project head first. While my enthusiasm may be considered a good thing, that same enthusiasm blinds me to reality sometimes. I jumped into starting this blog knowing precious little about HTML, file hosting, and just about anything else one would need to know with a blog.

I started to fully appreciate how clueless I am this past weekend. I wanted to do a write up on Black Tie Dynasty (whose show I ended up missing on Friday, oh well). I also wanted to leave a way to download their new song, "I Like U," from the website. Here's the problem: even though I have the song, since blogger doesn't host mp3 files and the such, I didn't know how to post the song.

I set aside the BTD story, and intended to do a short write-up on the Pleasant Grove show last night, and again, I wanted to leave a way for people to hear the song. I tried to use, one of my personal favorite sites, to at least let readers hear a Pleasant Grove song. Unfortunately, their codes were faulty, and I didn't know enough to edit the code to make it work. So now I had two projects messed up.

So readers, please have patience with me. I may be a little slow to write, as I am still learning the ropes here. Any suggestions, advice, tutoring on HTML, etc., is welcome. Click on my profile and send me an email thru there. I don't know what I will do with this blog. I'm even considering getting a real website as opposed to using blogger. If I do, I will make sure to post the new website. In the meantime, I may write less as I get the hang of this "blog" thing. I promise I will get my BTD write up done soon.

In the meantime, I am offering up a link to Pleasant Grove's "Elaborate Son." They played at Barley House last night, and the show was great, even though Bret Egner was in Austin instead of Dallas. If you missed last night's show, fear not, because the guys in PG (minus Egner again), will play again next Sunday night. Until then, enjoy the song.


Pleasant Grove - Elaborate Son

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