Monday, August 13, 2007

I really like "I Like U"

If you’re on Black Tie Dynasty’s friend list on MySpace, then you’ve seen the bulletins. Their song “I Like U” won KDGE’s cockfight for five straight nights, meaning that the song is retired and the station will consider putting the song into heavy rotation. Unfortunately, this victory has yet to translate into any radio play. I’m not sure why this happened, considering the definite success of their previous single, “Tender”. What I do know is that this situation needs to be rectified immediately, and the only way to cause such change is to make your voice be heard.

You can call the station at (214) 787-1102 to request that they play Black Tie Dynasty’s “I Like U”. It’s not often that a local band gets played on the air (discounting Sunday nights), and it’s even rarer that one as good as BTD makes it on the radio. The last time that The Edge got behind a local band of this level of quality was Chomsky. This was not always the case. In the early 90’s, bands such as pop poppins, Course of Empire, The Bat Mastersons, and Tripping Daisy were all staples on The Edge’s playlist. Thanks to the vision of George Gimarc and his “Tales from the Edge” series, he was able to give bands a means to get their music out beyond the Deep Ellum clubs. Unfortunately, by the mid 90’s, the station seemed to lose interest in the local music scene, and the last of Gimarc’s compilations was released. The only prayer we have for KDGE to bring great local bands into the mainstream is by requesting that they be played.

Of course, the real reason you should request “I Like U” is simple. It’s a good song. Good music on the radio is hard to come by these days, regardless of where the band is from. Black Tie Dynasty has a knack for creating catchy songs that sound great when blasted out of your car radio. Their songs are reminiscent of what was played on The Edge when its frequency was 94.5 instead of 102.1. The band takes the best elements of Echo & The Bunnymen, Peter Murphy, and Joy Division, while maintaining a sound that is uniquely theirs.

So call KDGE, e-mail them, heck, send them a carrier pigeon if that’s what floats your boat. Just help get “I Like U” some much deserved airplay. Oh, and if you’re not convinced as to why you should request the song, just take a listen. You’ll get it then.

MP3: Black Tie Dynasty - I Like U

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