Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Major concert announcement... the grand finale!

OK, so you know the deal so far. Saturday, August 25th, is my birthday extravaganza at Barley House. So far I’ve announced that Rahim Quazi will kick off the show in grand style, only to be followed by the fabulous cut*off. The lineup is already pretty impressive as it is. You’re probably thinking to yourself, “is it humanly possible for the evening to get any better?” The answer, of course, is yes. How can this happen, you ask? It’s quite simple: you get The Chemistry Set to agree to headline the show.

OK, so this is probably not much of a shocker. After all, ever since I started holding my birthday shows at Barley House in 2003, The Chemistry Set has taken part in the festivities every single year. The only year that the full band lineup didn’t play was in 2004, when lead vocalist Steve Duncan and keyboardist Meredith Knoll were the Friday evening opening act. I hold no ill will towards bass player Corey Helms or Josh Huver, the man behind the drum kit, for not being able to play that night. Really, I don’t. All the flat tires those two members received were purely coincidental, I swear.

Seriously though, I always consider it to be a privilege to get some of the finest bands in the metroplex area to play for me every year. The musicians on this year’s lineup are not only an incredibly talented group, but they are also some of the coolest and nicest people I know. To me, they are more than the entertainment on stage; I consider them to be my friends. I couldn’t ask for a better gift than that.

OK, enough of the sentimentality. Here’s a quick review of everything you need to know for the weekend:

August 24th – Granada Theater
Radiant/Salim Nourallah (CD Release)/The Slack (CD Release)/Johnny Lloyd Rollins/Rahim Quazi (solo set)

August 25th – Barley House
The Chemistry Set/the cut*off/Rahim Quazi (solo set)

Your weekend has been planned out for you in advance. No need to thank me. Just come to the shows; that’s thanks enough.

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bill h said...

this is a wonderful blog. Thanks to Cindy for pointing it out. Hope to see you at the Granada. I'll be the oldest guy there, holding a shiner.
Great job.