Friday, March 23, 2012

Weekend Plans: 3/23/12

The good news: there are tons of good shows this weekend. The bad news: I'm too brain dead to give any decent commentary. So while the insightful commentary (or what I'd like to think is insightful) is absent, the shows are listed below. Pick a show or two, or however many you feel you can cram into a night, go out, and have a good weekend filled with good music.

Gray, the New Black/Darstar/Velvet Guard (The Crown and Harp)
THe BAcksliders/The Red 100's/Quaker City Nighthawks (Double-Wide)
The Roomsounds/Goodnight Ned/Madison King (The Prophet Bar)
Boom Boom Box/Quiet Company/Fate Lions (Lola's)
Mark Brandt/Temple Diver/Arielle (Opening Bell Coffee)
The Gypsy Bravado/Hanna Barbarians/Early Morning Creatures (Andy's Bar)
Camille Cortinas and Eric Neal (The Belmont Bar)
Emmeline (White Rock Coffee)

Dovetail/Salim Nourallah/RTB2/Menkena (Granada Theater)
Air Review/The Rocketboys/Low Dark Hills (Dada)
Sealion/Ed Schrader's Music Beat/Rocket Arm (Queen City Hall)
Foster/Signals and Alibis/Family Fiend (Liquid Lounge)
The King Bucks

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