Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My Big Folkin’ Announcement

You may have heard about The Big Folkin’ Festival. If not, let me tell you a little about it. Jeremy Drake of the band Parallel Play has assembled what I can only describe as an all star cast of local players in folk. Actually, Mr. Drake has stretched the limits of what is commonly thought of as folk, by incorporating country, alt-country, blues, roots-rock, and even rockabilly under the umbrella of folk. Acts playing the festival include Telegraph Canyon, Whiskey Folk Ramblers, The O’s, Kirby Brown, Nicholas Altobelli, Dovetail, Goodnight Ned, The Roomsounds, and… well, I’m getting tired of listing all the acts, but there’s many others that will be playing The Prophet Bar and The Door on March 31st.

The party, however, is not limited to those two clubs. I am excited to announce that I have booked an excellent afternoon/evening of talent at In Accord. Some of you may be familiar with the store, which serves several purposes. The store sells fair trade merchandise from local artisans, artists display and sell their works in the gallery area, and In Accord is also home to Deep Ellum Radio. In Accord also has allowed me to host acoustic showcases every 2nd Saturday of the Month, featuring established acts like Phoenix Hart, Greg Schroeder, Rahim Quazi, and Chris Holt (among others).

But I’m digressing here. Back to the show. By purchasing your ticket or wristband at The Prophet Bar, you automatically gain entry to my showcase at In Accord. But who’s playing, you’re wondering. I’m so glad you asked…

 5:30  Lara Parker
6:00 Kyle Brooks
6:30 Chris J Norwood
7:00 Emmeline
7:45 Hannah Wilshire
8:30 Garrett Owen
9:15 Jaimee Harris
10:00 Rahim Quazi

So please, don’t delay. Get your tickets ASAP, and come hang with me at In Accord March 31st.

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