Friday, March 30, 2012

A Big Folkin' List of Weekend Shows

I hope you're not sick of me talking about The Big Folkin' Festival, because I'm going to keep talking about it even if you are. I could do a full write-up just praising the acts playing the festival, but I'm limited on time. Simply put, look at the schedule here, and I'm sure you'll agree that at any given time, there's at minimum one good act worth seeing.

But what else is going on this weekend, you ask? Well, let me tell you...

Eastwood/The Brushlanders/Family Crude (The Crown and Harp)
Why not start off the list with a shameless Crown and Harp plug? And I know that you Eastwood fans must be happy to see that the band is finally doing shows again. For fans of country, alt-country, folk-country, and whatever other word you want to put in front of country, this show is for you.
Final Friday Hip-Hop (LaGrange)
I don't know if the Final Friday showcases disappeared or simply fell off my radar. All I know is that I'm glad to see it return and find a home at LaGrange. Speaking of things I'm glad to see return, Chucky Sly is back in Dallas for this show. His song "Jimmy Is About to Die" has to be one of the smartest hip-hop tracks to come out of our metroplex.
Deadbeat Poetry/Tweed EQ/Milford Men/Playtime Rabbit (Fallout Lounge)
I'm not sure about the order of the lineup in all honesty, nor am I familiar with Milford Men. The rest of the bill, however, gets a solid thumbs up from The Ghost.
Hormones/Binary Sunrise/George Quartz/Romp Almighty (Dada)
It's quite an eclectic but solid lineup here.

The Gypsy Bravado (Hard Rock Cafe)
It's the Dallas finals of the Hard Rock Rising competition, and the winner gets to play the Hard Rock Cafe in London. The Gypsy Bravado isn't the only act playing, but they're the ones that I'm 110% rooting for.
Spookeasy/Ella Minnow/Deadmoon Choir (Bryan Street Tavern)
Only so many bands that I've never heard before will lure me into a venue out of curiosity, but that's exactly what Spookeasy did last year. Between the power-pop melodies (in the live show, the emphasis is on power) and lead vocalist Stephanie Burns' pleasing voice, it's sure to please all the indie kids out there.
Analog Rebellion/Sealion/The Vliets (El Sibil)
A little something for those wanting to stay in the Cliff.
Big Folkin' Festival (The Prophet Bar/The Door/In Accord)
Sorry, had to get one last plug in.

I have no doubt that I've forgotten some shows worth mentioning. That's why there's a comment section. Feel free to use it.

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