Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Video: Kirby Brown, "Young! Young! Young!"

During the course of last year, my focus shifted much more towards my Deep Ellum Radio show, and as a result, the blog suffered. Those who did not listen to the show may have missed out on keeping up with my favorite releases of last year. One of my favorite albums of last year was Kirby Brown's debut CD, Child of Calamity. While not a full on concept album, the theme of youth seemed to come up repeatedly. Nowhere was that more obvious on the album's leading track, "Young! Young! Young!".

Almost a full year after the album's release, Mr. Brown finally debuted the video this past weekend. It's easy enough to miss out when a video is premiered over the weekend. That likelihood only increases when that weekend is the 35 Denton festival. I don't want this video (or song, for that matter) to be overlooked, so I decided to share it here on the blog. You can catch Mr. Brown this weekend at the SXSW festival. He performs Thursday at Lucy’s Retired Surfer Bar (4 pm), Friday at Whiskey at Ink (5 pm), and Saturday at Townhouse Bar (8 pm). For those Dallasites not making the trek to Austin, you'll have to wait until March 31 for The Big Folkin' Festival. In fact, I'll be having my own announcement regarding that festival very shortly. But that's a story for another day. In the meantime, press play and enjoy!

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