Monday, March 19, 2012

The Lucky Thirteen: 3/19/12

First off, thanks to those who have commented on the piece I wrote about Adam Carter. It's a story that has taken me this full year to get my words together. In writing about Adam, it brought a lot of painful memories to the forefront. Yet in the end, I found it a healing experience, and I hope that discussing the issue helps bring some healing to those who knew him.

Now, on to happier subjects... like local music. 35 Denton and SXSW may be over, but it seems that this week has brought a sudden wave of CD release shows. So in this week's Lucky Thirteen, I'd like to mention some CD releases I'd recommend, along with some shows that don't feature a CD release. And just for good measure, I'll throw in some other songs just because, well, just because.

Standard playlist disclaimer: any artists, record labels, etc. who do not wish to be on the playlist for any reason whatsoever, email me at and I will gladly remove the track. And if you'd actually like to be on the playlist, you can use the same email address to email me your mp3's. If I like the song, then odds are it'll wind up on a playlist.

  1. "Space Blanket", Darstar

  2. "Counting the Holes in My Heart", Gray, the New Black
    So you think just because I book at The Crown and Harp it means I'm going to use every opportunity I have to shamelessly promote the shows I book? Well... of course I will. Of course when you can book bands as good as Darstar and Gray the New Black, wouldn't you be wanting to share that news with everyone? So here's the deal: this Friday at Crown and Harp, doors open at 9, Velvet Guard goes on at 10, Darstar follows at 11, and Gray the New Black wraps up the night at midnight. Cover is only $5.

  3. "Break My Spirit", The Roomsounds
    I've been raving about this band since the Fall of 2009. And through those years, I kept bugging the members, asking when they were going to release an album. About two and a half years later, the band will finally release its eponymous debut album. The CD release show happens Friday night at The Prophet Bar, with Madison King and Goodnight Ned opening for the band. If you buy a $12 ticket to the event, or pay $12 at the door, you get your very own copy of the CD. Speaking of Roomsounds and Prophet Bar, they'll be playing the Big Folkin' Festival on March 31st at Prophet Bar. Another venue that will be participating in the event is In Accord, and I'll be booking the lineup there. Curious? I'll be sharing more details on that very soon.

  4. "When Your Hope Dies at Your Feet", The Farstar
    Speaking of CD release shows, May 4th will be The Farstar's CD release at Curtain Club. Here's a little music to help tide you over until then.

  5. "Stupid Little Circles", Sara Radle
    Ms. Radle may now call Los Angeles home, but from about 2000 until the summer of 2005, she called Dallas home. And this Thursday, she'll make her way back to our fine city, as she performs at LaGrange with I Love Math and True Achiever (it's their CD release show). LaGrange seems the appropriate venue, considering that owner Rob Schumacher used to play drums for her in Lucy Loves Schroeder.

  6. "Nine Stories", Signals & Alibis
    When one thinks of local shoegaze, the first three bands to come to mind are usually True Widow, Menkena, and Little Black Dress. I think it's time that Signals and Alibis gets added to the short list of quality local shoegaze acts. But don't just take my word on the matter; check them out Saturday night at Liquid Lounge.

  7. "Save Me", Siren Sea
    Mix part sensual vocals, part dreamy melodies, with a dash of pop (not to be confused with Top 40), and you have the fine musical gourmet treat known as Siren Sea.

  8. "Julie", Dovetail
    Whereas previously the band seemed to fall more within a Coldplayesque vibe, this new song finds the bands melding together elements of 60's psychedelia along with a bit of southern rock style. The result is the best sounding Dovetail song I have heard to date. While I haven't finished listening to the new album, Mount Karma, I suspect I'll be raving about them a lot this year. If you want to see them, they'll be having their CD release Saturday night at Granada Theater, with Salim Nourallah, RTB2, and Menkena rounding out the bill. It's hosted by The Local Edge with Mark, which only makes it awesomer.

  9. "Talk to My Heart", THe BAcksliders
    The wait is almost over: Friday marks the first BAcksliders shows since August. Word is the band will be debuting a large amount of new material during their set at Double-Wide. Also on the bill are Dallas-turned-Austin band The Red 100's and Fort Worth blues rockers Quaker City Nighthawks.

  10. "Little Heart", Clint Niosi
    The intro to this song is a little quite and almost sleepy, yet once the percussion begins, the tune becomes hypnotically fascinating, with Mr. Niosi's lyrics taking center stage. If the word gets out about Clint's music, he could be one of the true sleeper success stories of the year.

  11. "Coke (Live)", Flickerstick
    For some reason, I've found myself going through a real Flickerstick kick as of late, having listened to the majority of their two studio albums in the last week. Of course, Flickerstick was always best experienced live. Brandin Lea, if you're reading this, what do you say to doing a reunion show?

  12. "San Francisco", Dead Beat Poetry
    Another CD I've found growing on me this past week is Dead Beat Poetry's self titled EP. The band's music cannot be labelled easily. On one hand, that makes it harder to promote a band and to find the appropriate fan base. At the same time, the blend of blues, hard rock, and even a little indie only makes it a more interesting listen. Check them out Saturday at 2826 Arnetic.

  13. "Winds of Antarctica", Mark Brandt
    Folk can be a hard sell in Dallas. There's not much I can think of that's a harder sell than someone singing over nothing but an acoustic guitar. Actually, I can think of one harder sell: someone playing acoustic guitar without ANY vocals. It's a difficult road that Mark Brandt has decided to travel. Fortunately, he is a talented enough guitar player to make the journey an interesting travel. Mr. Brandt will hold his CD release show Friday, with Temple Diver and Arielle opening.

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Jay Pee said...

I really dig Dead Beat Poetry, saw those guys at Doublewide, they really rock n roll.