Monday, August 23, 2010

The Lucky Thirteen: 8/23/10

  1. "You're No Good", Pale Horse
    J.R. Denson and the gang from Pale Horse were kind enough to let me adopt their EP release party this Friday at Double-Wide as a post birthday celebration. Speaking of Pale Horse, J.R. and Aaron Carder were the first victims of a GOBL interview. If you had witnessed the interview, you'd know why I call them my victims.

  2. "Just Wanna Try", Luna Matto
    Why, oh, why, Luna? Why do you have to play Friday night against Pale Horse? It's been too long since I've seen one of your shows. Let's change that. The sooner, the better.

  3. "Teenage Dope Fiend", Flickerstick
    I got into a conversation about Flickerstick with a girl at the Airline Farewell show the previous weekend. Ever since that, the band's music has been on my mind. Here's one of my favorites from Tarantula.

  4. "So in Love With You", Katie Carroll
    First of all, thanks to all who came to Opening Bell Saturday night for my birthday celebration, musicians and friends alike. And I say an extra special thanks to Ms. Carroll for tossing me the first flower during this song. It made me feel special and all.

  5. "¿Dónde Está Mi Pantalones? ", Clay Pendergrass
    Mr. Pendergrass recently recorded a couple of new tracks, one of which ("Unicorn $") was originally going to be on this week's Lucky Thirteen. Alas, I couldn't download the track, so look for that track on an upcoming playlist. In the meantime, enjoy this song with the muy divertido title.

  6. "German Chocolate Cake", Bravo Max
    I previously mentioned how John Keener from Lakewood Bar & Grill is quite the fan of this band. I'm sure he's thrilled that they'll be playing at the bar this Friday night.

  7. "Turn Out Empty", The Beaten Sea
    After all the buzz that's been surrounding the band, I figured it was about time I give it a listen. I'm not going to lie; I'm not as in love with the band as many in the scene, but they do have some good tunes. "Turn Out Empty" definitely is a quite nice tune.

  8. "Country Fried Quickie", Spector 45
    Pale Horse isn't the only band with an EP release show this weekend. Spector 45 will be at La Grange this weekend, and I'll be continuing post-birthday celebrations there.

  9. "Shake Your Dandelion", Ishi
    After all, we all need to shake our dandelions from time to time.

  10. "Tempo Bledsoe", Smile Smile
    I liked Blue Roses, but their new CD, Truth on Tape, shows that the band is growing in its songwriting abilities. The title track is easily one of the songs I've listened to the most this year, and "Tempo Bledsoe" is quite a catchy tune as well.

  11. "Punchline Afternoon", Charming Gardeners
    Speaking of catchy, I just can't get enough of this tune.

  12. "Alibi", The Orbans
    Here's a leftover from Peter Black's days as a Lifter that made it onto When We Were Wild. This is easily the most rocking song off the band's new album, and probably my favorite as well.

  13. "Godot", Carter Albrecht
    Mike Snider and Allgood Cafe are throwing a little block party this Saturday that benefits the Carter Albrecht Music Foundation. There are too many good acts to list, so just click here to see the lineup. Sure, I could have posted a song by one of the performing artists, but it was the perfect excuse to post a Carter classic. Not that any excuse is needed.

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