Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Lucky Thirteen: 8/30/10 (And a Day Late)

Standard disclaimer: any artists, record labels, etc. who do not wish to be on the playlist for any reason whatsoever, email me at ghostofblindlemon@gmail.com and I will gladly remove the track. And if you'd actually like to be on the playlist, you can use the same email addy to email me mp3's, and if I like the song then odds are it'll wind up on a playlist. Also, if you just want to upload your songs to Grooveshark, that works too.

  1. "City of Hate", Toadies
    On the Weekend Plans post Friday, there was one minor show I left out. Some band called Toadies playing out in New Braunsfel. Hey, it's an easy show to overlook... NOT! My bad.

  2. "A Long Time", Trey Johnson
    Tuesday: new Trey Johnson (Where the East Ends) out on iTunes and in stores. I promise I'll share some more tracks off the album, but I've just been enjoying this track too much not to share it again.

  3. "Accomplice", Nervous Curtains
    The folks at Gutterth are sponsoring Free Week at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studio. There will be free shows all week there; you can go to the Rubber Gloves website for more info. My personal favorite pick? Nervous Curtains on Friday night. I thought "All Yesterday's Parties" was a nice enough song and all, but "Accomplice" is getting under my skin a lot deeper. For those keeping score, that's a good thing.

  4. "Katie", Ray Johnston Band
    It would be easy for me to be skeptical of Ray Johnston. Athletes as musicians usually sound as good as actors trying to be musicians. Ray Johnston is the exception to that rule. He might get extra publicity for playing with the Mavericks, but the music stands firmly on its merits.

  5. "Her First Party", The Deathray Davies
    DRD is supposed to have finished an album, but no telling when it will be released. The fact that DRD mastermind John Dufilho is touring with Apples in Stereo this fall suggests we'll have to wait longer.

  6. "I'm Immune", Chris Holt
    I have to confess I'm only halfway thru Mr. Holt's new album, A Cosmic Joke. Still, if the second half is as good as the first half, this album could be Holt's piece de resistance.

  7. "Will You Be There", Pale Horse
    Warning, BAcksliders, Warning!!! Pale Horse is trying to steal the title of "Best Live Band in Dallas" from you! They haven't done it yet, but they're working on it. Don't let this mellow, introspective song fool you: their lives shows rock with an intensity shared only by the best in town.

  8. "Emulate", Spector 45
    Sometimes it takes several viewings of a band to finally "get" them. Although I've always thought Spector 45 was good, their EP release at LaGrange was what turned me from a casual fan to fully understanding the talent that Frankie 45 and the gang possess. I see many more Spector 45 shows in my future.

  9. "Unicorn $", Clay Pendergrass
    As promised last week, here's a new tune from Mr. Pendergrass.

  10. "Devil's Nest", Lalagray
    Ashley Myrick (aka Lalagray) will release her debut album, sharing a name with the above song. Also on the bill is my favorite Austin singer-songwriter, David Ramirez. I hear he used to live in Dallas. Does that qualify him as a "local artist"? Let the debate begin.

  11. "Virtue and Vice", The Virgin Wolves
    Do you hate music that really rocks? If so, then do not, I repeat, DO NOT listen to this song and stick with your Michael Bolton. For the rest of you, I offer this song up to again because, well, it rocks.

  12. "Pusherman", Nemesis
    While scrolling Facebook statuses, I found the video for this song posted by Pikahsso (PPT, AwkQuaruis). I had heard of Nemesis, not even being aware of the fact that they were from Dallas. The beat is admittedly repetitive, yet that works in the songs favor, as it hypnotizes the listener as opposed to boring the listener. Thanks, Pikahsso.

  13. "Star Girl", Katie Carroll
    This beautiful final track from Ms. Carroll's debut album seemed the perfect way to wrap up this playlist.

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Katie Carroll said...

Hey thanks ghost ! And 13 is my lucky number :)