Thursday, August 26, 2010

Videos: Smile Smile, The Orbans, Lauren Adelle

As reported on DC9atNight previously, Smile Smile recently released a video for the title track to Truth on Tape. Fans of the local music scene should recognize several faces in the video, including Chelsea Callahan, Pete Freedman, Sarah Jaffe, and several member of GOBL faves The Roomsounds. Noticably absent in the video? Yours truly. Go to Lochrann's in Frisco to see them perform tonight, and while you're there, ask them why I wasn't invited. Oh, and if you're at work, you might want to wait until you get home to watch the above video. I think it'd qualify as NSFW.

Last year, I said The Orbans were on the verge of hitting the big time. It seems as if my prediction is starting to come true. The band is not only charting on the College Music Charts (#74 to be exact), but NPR named "Like a Liar" as today's Song of the Day. You can click here to see what the NPR article has to say about the song as well as the band. And of course, feel free to watch the above video for "Like a Liar."

Finally, I had the privilege of seeing Lauren Adelle perform several months ago at LaGrange. Not many people know about her or her music, but that needs to change. Hopefully with the release of her new album Mi Amor, that will change. She has a gorgeous and sensual voice, and even when the lyrics are in Spanish (as is the case for half the album), the emotions behind the lyrics always translate. If you doubt me, watch this YouTube video for "Mi Amor." Oh, it's also worth noting that on the album, she is backed by local music veteran Colin Boyd. The CD release party happens September 24 at City Tavern, with The Brushlanders opening.


Lacie said...

I really enjoy your blog. You have turned me on to several artists that are now staples in my music collection. Smile Smile being one of those. That new video is unbelievable. You've done it once again with Lauren Adelle.

I have to say however that The Orbans are the one instance where I completely disagree. Seen them live a few times. They're pretty good. Just pretty good. I cannot believe that you say they're close to the big time. It's no surprise to me that they haven't enjoyed the national success of a band like Smile Smile or someone like Sara Jaffe.

Don't want to be negative. I just find it interesting that you share so many great artists and a very average band like The Orbans get thrown in the mix.

I don't typically comment. I just felt the need to share. Thank you for your blog. It's a favorite.

Anonymous said...

"Lacie"... Nice alias Ryan.