Friday, August 27, 2010

Weekend Plans: 8/27/10 - 8/28/10

Before I get into any weekend plans, let me share some good news with you, my readers. If you haven't heard about it thru the DC9 at Night article or my Facebook posts, Club Dada will be reopening its doors. Josh Florence, who runs City Tavern, will be the new head guy at Dada. The game plan is to re-open Dada by year's end. I had the privilege of hosting the 2nd anniversary showcase for my blog at City Tavern, and it was truly a pleasure to work with Mr. Florence. He is that rare breed that knows how to blend an intelligent business design with a genuine caring for the musicians that play there. I've heard some horror stories about club owners from musicians, but I have never heard any musician say anything but the kindest things about Josh. If anyone can bring Dada back to its glory days, it would be Josh.

Since Club Dada isn't back yet, you still need to plan this weekend. Here are some suggestions:

Pale Horse/Little Black Dress/Charlie Shafter and the Gnomes (Double-Wide)
Hopefully you've read the Pale Horse interview by now. I'm not sure what else I have left to say about the band that I haven't said already. It is worth mentioning, however, that the band has allowed me to adopt their EP release party as a "post-birthday celebration." Oh, and Little Black Dress always puts on a solid show, so don't miss their set either.
Ruby Jane/Luna Matto/Trinity River Folk (Kessler Theater)
The only thing disappointing in regards to Luna Mattto is that they haven't hit the big time... yet. Ms. Matto's voice is somewhat reminiscent of Neko Case, though melodically her music rests in power of a Cat Power sort of vein. And the songs? I'm gonna say it: it's as good as anything Cat Power has ever released. That's the straight up truth.

Spector 45/The Phuss (LaGrange)
What, is this the weekend for EP releases? This show celebrates the release of Break Me. Spector 45 is never lacking in energy, and this performance will probably be even more intense than is usual for the band. One request though: keep all glass bottles away from bassist Adam Carter. And no, Adam, I'm not going to let you live that down.
The Burning Hotels/Ishi/Shapes Stars Make (Lola's 6th)
Burning Hotels are long time favorites in Fort Worth, but this show marks Ishi's Funkytown debut. Admittedly, the indie rock stylings of Burning Hotels may seem an odd pairing with Ishi's self-proclaimed "folktronica." I suspect, however, that both bands will wind up with a whole new set of fans by night's end.
Holy Moly/The Orbans/Bravo, Max!/Leland Williams (The Aardvark)
It's not often where I find two shows in FW to recommend, so this is kind of a shocker for me. While I'm not familiar with Mr. Williams, every other band gets a thumbs up from me.
Nicholas Altobelli (Roots Coffeehouse)
Actually, if you count North Richland Hills as part of Fort Worth, there are three shows to choose from. I'm inclined to say that Mr. Altobelli is the area's most underrated and underappreciated singer-songwriter. In the past almost three years since his debut EP Streetcar Visions, Nicholas has steadily grown as a musician. His latest, The Regulator, is filled with song that possess a simple beauty and that will linger in your head.
Anna Thomas (Landon Winery)
At a mere fourteen years old, Anna Thomas possesses a vocal talent that many local artists twice her age would kill to have. My only complaint? Let's have some shows in Dallas for a change instead of always playing in McKinney. Then again, McKinney people need good shows too.
THe BAcksliders/Sideshow Tragedy/Not in the Face!/JBe (City Tavern)
THe BAcksliders have become quite a predictable band. You can predict, with 100% certainty, that their shows will be a massively rocking experience. I'm sure this show will not change the above statistic.
El Cento/Orange Peel Sunshine/Les Americains/Diamond Age (Kessler Theater)
Word is that Les Americains will finally be releasing an album by year's end, which is welcome news. Also, Don Cento's new project, El Cento, sounds quite promising based on the one track ("Citizen") that I've heard.
Allgood Cafe Block Party
There are too many good acts to mention, so I'm just going to hit a few highlights. On the outdoor stage, catch Trey Johnson & Chris Holt at 2 PM, King Bucks at 4 PM, The O's at 6, and Boys Named Sue at 8 PM. Make your way indoors at 10 to catch New Bohemians. Proceeds will go to several charities, including the Carter Albrecht Music Foundation.

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