Saturday, December 8, 2007

Shows for the Rest of the Weekend…

Since I didn’t write my weekend recommendations yesterday, I’m starting with a list of bands that played yesterday that were worthy of write-ups. While it’s too late to see these particular shows, I would strongly encourage you to give these bands a listen and check them about the next time you get the opportunity:

My apologies to the following bands, particularly The Orange, a band I have yet to see live. It may take me awhile to see a show, but it will happen guys, I promise. Now onto this weekend’s shows. If I had to choose one show to recommend this weekend, it would have to be this:

Yes, that’s right, The Ghost is going to be attending a show held by a “rivaling” blog. Just kidding, Amanda. The blog is great, and I personally look forward to getting the opportunity to meet you. Oh, and damn, that is one impressive lineup you have.

In case that show isn’t your cup of tea, you need professional help. Just kidding. Sort of. Nevertheless, it’s only fair that I mention a few other fine shows around town tonight.

While I normally don’t mention Sunday shows, Art Con 3 is going to be such a big deal that if I didn’t mention it, I should have my blogging privileges revoked. The sights and sounds of that evening should be a sweet treat. Red Monroe, Sarah Jaffe, and Kristy Kruger will provide the music, and I don’t have the time to discuss all the artists that’ll be there. This event will also benefit St. Anthony’s Community Center, which helps bring art and music programming to underserved children in South Dallas. Hear good music, see and buy good art, and help others; this multitasking thing has its benefits.

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