Thursday, December 20, 2007

Doesn't This Poster Make You Want to Go to Granada Tonight?

Yeah, this poster isn't doing the trick for me either. I'm not sure why not. Regardless of your thoughts on this, uh, unique photo, there will not be a better show in town tonight. Tonight's show starts with a CD release party for Flat People. A friend of mine got me a copy of their CD, and I must say I have been impressed by the band. Get their early enough to check this band out.

Next comes Robert Gomez, after which Deathray Davies play their first show in Dallas in over a year. There have been some changes in the DRD lineup since their last performance. Andy Lester (who's in Dufilho's other side project, I Love Math) is their new bass player since Jason Garner has moved to drums. Shibboleth members Rich Martin and Don Cento round out the rest of the band. The setlist will be a half and half mixture of songs from the upcoming album and DRD classics. Word has it they may even bust out "I Got Coal" as a little Christmas treat for all their naughty fans.

Salim Nourallah and The Noise headline the show, but even Salim knows that tonight is all about Dufilho's band, Deathray Davies. I hope to see everyone out at this show. What, you have to work early Friday Morning? I'm sure John Dufilho would write a note to your boss, so it's okay to stay out late and party. Honest, it is.

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