Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I hope whoever is responsible gets a lump of coal for Christmas!

I got the following MySpace bulletin from Eric Swanson, who plays bass in Johnny Lloyd Rollins' backup band, The All-Nighters:

My car was stolen last night. With my laptop. So, keep a look out for a green '96 Honda Accord with an Apple sticker on the back. Texas plates: Z26-RZH.

I guess you all know what I want for Christmas now.

But that's not all. Inside of his car was a ca. 1959 Gibson Discoverer, a small blonde tube combo amp that he rebuilt a few years ago. The laptop and even the car are replaceable; the Gibson is not so easily replaced. If anyone who is reading this blog has any information about any of these items (especially the Gibson), then contact the Dallas Police Department, contact Eric, contact anybody who can reunite this man with his stolen property. I'm sure there's nothing Mr. Swanson would like better this holiday season.

Oh, and if anyone knows the bastards responsible, contact the police so that whoever is responsible cannot do an encore performance.

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