Sunday, December 30, 2007

I'm at a Loss for Words

Yes, that’s right, “The Ghost” himself is at a loss for words. Last night’s showcase at Opening Bell Coffee was such a wonderful and joyous experience that I’m not quite sure what to say.

The best thing I think of to say is thanks, and there are so many people I have to thank. First of all, I thank every one of the fabulous musicians who gave of their time and their talent. Thanks to Blue Petal for opening the show, and thanks for the encore with extra special guest Isabella. Thanks to Rahim Quazi for playing a killer set and for taking requests from me (like "The Big Black Box"), even when they throw you for a loop. Thanks to Chris Holt and his fellow “Slackers” Steven Luthye and Eric Neal; you are easily three of the most gifted musicians in the area. Needless to say, you three were brilliant as always. Thanks to Keith Killoreen and Chad Stockslagger from The Drams (and from The King Bucks, Manya won’t let me forget that). It was a wonderful blend of cover songs and classics from back in the Budapest One days. Last but certainly not least, I thank Fishing For Comets. The music that comes from this band is like a ray of sunshine. Even on a heartbreaking song like “Lies”, the music feels like a best friend that knows just how to make you feel like everything is going to be alright. Oh, and extra special thanks for the cover of “Where the Streets Have No Name.” U2 is one of my all time favorite bands, and you did the song justice.

I must also thank Winston Edmondson, host of the Project Innovation radio show. Thank you for inviting me onto your show Saturday and letting me discuss my blog and the Opening Bell show. I also thank you for choosing to celebrate your birthday at Opening Bell with your friends. You are helping to give a voice to the local music and arts scene in Dallas, and that is something this city desperately needs.

Obviously, I have to thank Pascale and all of the wonderful people at Opening Bell Coffee for letting me host my showcase at your venue. When it comes to live acoustic music, no place in the metroplex holds a candle.

Thanks to Megan Cortinas for creating the awesome poster that I used to promote the show. Thank you for putting up with all the changes that I threw your way and for designing such an awesome poster. I could not have created a poster that looked that damn cool.

Thanks to Scotty Mankoff for dropping by and taking pictures. For the record, every picture you see in this entry is courtesy of Mr. Mankoff. As always, you do a wonderful job taking pictures. You’re also simply a cool guy who is always a joy to be around.

Finally, I thank every single one of you who came out to the event. Even though I’ve had bands play for my birthday before, this was my first genuine attempt at setting up a musical showcase. Without you, the show would have been a disaster. With all of you, it was an evening filled with good friends and awesome music. So thank you being there, for talking to me, for putting up with my lame speeches in between the bands, and thanks for the support.

Who knows, maybe with the success of Saturday night’s show, there will be more Ghost of Blind Lemon showcases. Here’s hoping that 2008 will have a few cool shows hosted by yours truly.


bill h said...

so sorry to miss this show. Older son home from college, had other plans for me. Next time though. I seriously hope this is the first of many.


nimbusthegreat said...

bill you missed out on this one! next time drag will with you!

as for mr ghost....good god man! that lineup was killer. i expect more good things out of you in weeks to come.

Fishing said...

i'm so proud and honored to know you.