Monday, December 17, 2007

More Nites for Tonite Tonite

About a month ago, I reported about the breakup of the band Tonite Tonite. I am happy to tell you that Tonite Tonite is still alive and kicking. They played a show Saturday night at Fallout Lounge, and "tonite" lead singer Andres Negrete will play a solo acoustic set at Opening Bell Coffee. I still haven't seen the band perform live, but I have no doubt that will change and hopefully soon. Keep an eye out for upcoming shows on their MySpace page, as well as an album that will hopefully be released sometime next year.

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Scotty Mankoff said...

I really wanted to see Tonight Tonight and especially Andres at the Fallout. I was scheduled for the Ruby Revue, right next door. I just couldn't get there Andres as I was previously scheduled. For that you have my sincerest apologies. I think Andres is a very talented musician who's sound I really love to hear. I've heard him at Club Dada many times and always look forward to seeing him there on Sunday Open MIKE nights.

Scotty Mankoff