Thursday, December 27, 2007

Screw Must See TV!

That’s right, NBC, you heard me. Look, people could either sit and home and watch a bunch of repeats, or they could get out of the house and see one of these four fabulous shows. Folks, this isn’t even a close call.

Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Lights, Hendrick, ODIS, Greater Good (Granada Theater)
Haven't seen Hendrick or ODIS yet, but Greater Good puts on a show that is more great than merely good. It doesn't hurt that the band features the incredible Toby Pipes. Oh, and Jonathan Tyler is simply a force of nature. Will the Granada still be standing after this show? Only time will tell.

Somebody's Darling, Soft Environmental Collapse, Kristin Leigh (The Cavern)
Talk about a diverse lineup. The evening starts with Kristin Leigh, who fuses pop and folk/acoustic elements into her music. SeC follows, with an electronic sound that would fit better with Mom than these bands. Somebody's Darling ends out the evening, and once you hear lead singer Amber Farriss sing, it will make perfect sense why you came.

Tonite Tonite (Club Dada)
Since Andres Negrete reunited the band, you have another chance to see the band. Don't miss this opportunity; it happens Tonite Tonite. I know, that was lame.

The cut*off, Fate Lions
Yes, yes, I know, I keep raving about the cut*off. So I'll back off this time and just say that from what I've heard, the music of Fate Lions holds a lot of promise. I'd be highly curious to see them live. What about a Dallas show, guys?

So hold off on repeats of My Name is Earl and The Office. That's what repeats and DVD's are made for. Instead, go out and have some fun tonight. Not too much, though. After all, you don't wanna be all partied out for the show at Opening Bell Coffee Saturday night.

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