Friday, October 15, 2010

Weekend Update: 10/15/10

I think it's about time to have a weekend update on here. Expect to see more of these each Friday. If you're lucky, maybe there will even be some articles and CD reviews happening between the Lucky Thirteen playlists on Monday and the Friday weekend updates. For now, let's just take a look at what this weekend has to offer:

Nicholas Altobelli/Ronnie Fauss (White Rock Coffee)
I believe Mr. Altobelli is the headliner, but tonight is really all about Mr. Fauss. It's the CD release for his new effort, Mulligan. A lot of his efforts range from melancholy ("I Can't Make You Happy", from his previous EP) to bitter ("Wish", as heard on this week's Lucky Thirteen). The real shocker, however, is that he can also rock, as displayed by "To Ease My Mind", where he's backed up by members of The Farstar. Don't count on seeing that level of rock at WRC; this will undoubtedly be a more low-key affair. The show starts at 7:30, and I can't think of a better place to start your weekend.
White Mountain/True Widow/Sir Name (Double-Wide)
I can't speak for what comes before or after True Widow, but they alone are reason enough to head out to Double-Wide. I believe the band is in the midst of recording another album, and you'll probably hear plenty of new tracks tonight. Even if the new songs are just half as good as what's on their self-titled CD, it'll still be a treat.
Grassfight/Ella Minnow (J&J’s Old Dirty Basement)
I was feeling as if Grassfight had been underpromoting themselves as of late. When they played one of my LBG showcases last summer, they showed such promise. Equal parts 80's dark new wave (a la Joy Division) and part Jesus & Mary Chain, they did a fabulous job of winning the audience over. I was thinking they were about to fade into the woodwork when it was announced they'd open for Black Rebel Motorcycle Club's upcoming show. This will give the band the well deserved opportunity to perform for an enormous crowd. I just hope that doesn't mean they'll be too big to return my calls now. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


The Simple Pages/Two Knights/Goodnight Ned/Diving (Liquid Lounge)
Strange Fruit Project/Dem Southernfolkz (The Boiler Room)
The Loosies/Static Mind/Catching Chloe (2826 Arnetic)
THe BAcksliders/Valentino/Cliff Blues Band (The Bone
There's been a lot of talk about whether or not Deep Ellum is back. Here's my two cents: while it's a long way from it's heyday in the 90's, the streets are more alive than they've been in at least five years. Why is that? Simply put, there are more clubs open that are hosting more good shows. Heck, even Liquid Lounge has a show worth seeing. Granted, I'm recommending this show just based on one band, Goodnight Ned, which I haven't even seen yet. I do know Goodnight Ned member Conner Farrall, and if his talent is as good as his taste in music, it should be a good show. If hip-hop is your thing, Boiler Room has a tremendous showcase featuring two of the area's most intelligent hip-hop groups, Strange Fruit Project and Dem Southernfolkz. The event is hosted by Pikahsso, who will undoubtedly keep the show feeling more fun. Over at 2826 Arnetic, fans of riot-grrl will want to check out the Loosies' CD release show. I believe there's no cover for that event, though I might be wrong. And finally, THe BAcksliders will rock the rooftop deck at The Bone. Bring a canned good for half price admission. If you can afford to, bring enough money to bounce between all the above events.
Dan Dyer/Luna Matto/Tiger Darrow (Kessler Theater)
You can add Luna Matto to the list of performs that I've run out of ways to rave about. As for Tiger Darrow, if her performance on Good Morning Texas is any indication, this young singer-songwriter is one to keep an eye on.
3 Rivers Alice/Rahim Quazi & The Supernaturals (The Basement)
For fans of Rahim, you can catch a double dose of the man this Saturday at The Basement (located in the downstairs portion of what once was Lola's Stockyards). Not only will he being playing with a full band, he'll join country group 3 Rivers Alice on keyboard. And from what I've sampled of the band, I'd recommend checking them out.

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