Friday, October 29, 2010

Weekend Shows: Halloween Edition

I've got a few more things in the works today, including another chance at tickets to see Rhett Miller/Ben Kweller/The O's at Granada Theater next weekend. Comments on the shows will be kept to a minimum as a result. Besides, if you know my blog, you know my thoughts on most of these acts already.

The Black & Blues (House of Blues - Restaurant)
I know, you're probably wondering who on earth The Black & Blues are, and why are you writing so much about them today and not about the other acts? See, this is my real job as a blogger. It is to write about talented bands that need a break, and what I'm about to say I don't mean lightly. The Black & Blues, for now, is by far the best kept secret in the metroplex. The band delivers a blend of funk, R&B, blues and rock that is quite unlike anything else going on the metroplex. Easy to categorize? Not even close. But that's what makes the band so great. This is not a band following a trend, but that has the potential to create a trend. The band's two vocalists, Keite Young and Goldie Furnow, bring soul and passion to every word of every song. Ms. Furnow in fact reminds me a little of Emotion Brown in her vocal style, but if you're thinking this is another Jonathan Tyler & Northern Lights, you're not quite on the mark. JT&NL certainly has more soul in their influences than they're usually credited with, but The Black & Blues dig deeper into the musical arena of soul, and combine it with a straight ahead rock sound. As for the live shows, there are only a handful of acts that are in the same league as Black & Blues. Simply put, this band deserves to be on the local music radar, and to be honest, the rest of the nation needs to follow suit. You can come tonight to HOB and thank me for introducing them to you.
Bad Brains/Spector 45/Here Holy Spain (Granada Theater)
I normally don't discuss national touring acts, but the two openers are too worthy for me to omit this listing. And yeah, Bad Brains are pretty damn legendary. Just sayin'...
Eleven Hundred Springs (Lola’s)
Darlington/The Loosies/The Crazy Ivans (Bryan Street Tavern)

80’s Band Squerade (La Grange)
For those who crave some 80's covers tonight, this will be the spot for you. Check out La Grange's site for more details. For my money, the most interesting act may be Andrew Delaney covering one of my all time favorite acts, INXS.
THe BAcksliders/Floramay Holiday/Trinity River Folk (Kessler Theater)
Bravo, Max!/Oliver’s Army (Lakewood Bar & Grill)
Darktown Strutters/Damaged Good$/Yeadef (Hailey’s)
The Orbans/Calhoun/The Criminal Mind/The Magic of Adams (Lola’s)
Phantom Caste/Black Taxi/Fate Lions/Spiral Sound (The Moon)

We Shot JR is Dead (Rubber Gloves)
One of the metroplex's most significant blogs is calling it quits, and is holding its own funeral. I'll have more thoughts on this to be shared later, but for now, goodbye will suffice.

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"The Ghost" said...

MAJOR omission on my part:

The Roomsounds/Pale Horse/Here, In Arms at Prophet Bar

This is a really awesome lineup!