Friday, October 29, 2010

Joe Scott's "Debut"

A little over a year ago, I got an email from a guy named Joe Scott. He told me about this film project that he was working on called The Debut. I was particularly intrigued since Mr. Scott wanted to incorporate the local music scene very heavily into the film. Needless to say, I was 110% behind the idea.

Mr. Scott is currently trying to raise money and, well, I'm just going to let him speak in his own words:

Night & Day Films, a small Dallas-based production company, currently in
development on the feature film, “The Debut”, is entering the final stretch in a
Kickstarter campaign to help raise early funds for the movie.

“The Debut”, a movie set in and amongst the Dallas music scene and currently
featuring music from over a dozen local bands, is in the early development phase
and is seeking pledges and donations through Kickstarter to help set the project
in motion.

With less than a week to go, the project still needs just over $1,000 to meet their
goal of $5,000, which they must meet if they are to receive any of the money.

Filmmaker and producer Joe Scott says that the money from the Kickstarter
campaign will be used for upfront expenses such as creating an LLC and other
legalities that will prepare them to accept investor money.

In return for pledging on Kickstarter, pledgers receive rewards depending on
the amount of the pledge. For instance, $10 gets you a poster and a digital
download of the movie. The highest amount, $1,000, wins an Associate
Producer credit amongst other things.

With time running out, the filmmakers have sweetened the deal to include an
iPad for the person who pledges the most in the last 10 days. The final day to
pledge is October 31st.

Want to know even more? Watch this video, which goes beyond a description of his purpose and acts as a much needed rallying cry for the local music scene. Dallas and the surrounding areas need more people who care passionately about local music: people like Chelsea Callahan, Mark from The Local Edge, and now, I'm adding Mr. Scott to that list. Seriously, take about five minutes out from your busy day, and if you can afford now, show Mr. Scott some financial support.

Debut Movie Intro from Joe Scott on Vimeo.

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