Monday, October 11, 2010

The Lucky Thirteen: 10/11/10

Standard playlist disclaimer: any artists, record labels, etc. who do not wish to be on the playlist for any reason whatsoever, email me at and I will gladly remove the track. And if you'd actually like to be on the playlist, you can use the same email addy to email me mp3's, and if I like the song then odds are it'll wind up on a playlist.

  1. "Born and Raised", Trey Johnson
    Any fans of Lissie out there? If you're going to her show tonight at Granada, get there in time to catch Mr. Johnson. Dallas has few singer-songwriters that are at the same level as Trey.

  2. "Allison", The Burning Hotels
    Photographer Thom Jackson shot a music video, except the video was without music. He needed someone to write a song for the video, so he asked Burning Hotels to do just that. One might think that with such short notice, the song would be rather disposable. It turns out that the opposite happened: "Allison" is easily the strongest song the band has done. I may be a little biased because of my love of 80's new wave. The song has a similar groove to Flock of Seagulls' "Wishing", except with a darker feel to it. BH, you might want to start adding synthesizers on a regular basis. Think about it.

  3. "The Saint's Id", Hi-Fi Drowning
    I was pleasantly surprised by the positive reaction of last week's flashback Lucky Thirteen. Here's another great song from that period that there just wasn't room for.

  4. "Unicorn $", Clay Pendergrass
    fans of mr. pendergrass, take note: clay and his myriad of musical incarnations will be invading good records this thursday. it's a celebration of e.e. cummings' birthday. i'm celebrating his birthday early by giving the caps button a rest.

  5. "My Bangs", The Loosies
    I saw The Loosies about a year ago, and I felt the band had potential that had not been fully realized on their first effort, I Love the Loosies. Their newer material is just polished enough to allow the songs to shine without losing any of their sloppy riot grrl sound. And when I say sloppy, I mean that in the best way possible. Check them out Saturday at 2826 Arnetic for their CD release show.

  6. "Young & Reckless", The Roomsounds
    The band has some really cool new tunes on their MySpace page. I'd add one of the new songs instead, but no band members have sent me the mp3's. Guys, the email above is there for a reason. Check them out live in Denton this Saturday at Hailey's, along with Gypsy Bravado, The Red 100's, and Luke Wade & No Civilians.

  7. "Duelist", True Widow
    Yet another show alert: TW plays this Friday at Double-Wide. Their shows are pretty unbelievable.

  8. "Wish", Ronnie Fauss
    My first show of 2010 was the two year anniversary show for Bonafide Darling. Mr. Fauss opened the show, and I heard this track for the first time. In spite of the dark and bitter lyrics (or perhaps because of it), I instantly liked the song and awaited its release. The wait is over: Ronnie Fauss' new EP, Mulligan is out. He's celebrating the release of his CD this Friday at White Rock Coffee, along with GOBL favorite Nicholas Altobelli. Speaking of White Rock Coffee, Mr. Fauss is now taking over booking there. It's a charming place, so let's hope Mr. Fauss can put it on the musical map.

  9. "You're No Good", Pale Horse
    Pale Horse has a Bandcamp page featuring their debut EP, Future Dimensions. The price? That's up to you. Pay what you can afford to pay. I'd encourage you to at least donate a couple of bucks before downloading. But please, do download and get to know the songs. You're going to want to know their songs for the next time you see them play. They have several shows coming up, one of which just might be put on by yours truly. Stay tuned for details...

  10. "Crutch", Hannah Wilshire
    I stumbled upon this artist while wandering thru MySpace, and thought I'd share her music with you, my readers.

  11. "Secular Trends", Grassfight
    Last year, Grassfight was the opening act for one of my showcases at Lakewood Bar & Grill. They're the opening act for another upcoming show, but this one's a little bit higher profile of a show. The band opens for Black Rebel Motorcycle Club at Trees (not Lizard Lounge) on October 24th. For those who had tickets to the BRMC show at Lizard Lounge, they'll be honored at Trees.

  12. "Aim High", Chris Holt
    If you were at Mr. Holt's CD release show, you know what an amazing show it was. If you weren't, well I guess it sucks to be you.

  13. "Walls", The Rocket Summer
    Although I've had difficulty getting into a lot of Bryce Avery's newer stuff, this tune still packs a major emotional punch for me.

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