Thursday, February 7, 2008

Music and Causes

Okay, so with the defininte exception of the first show listed, the “causes” tend to be a little weak. The music is anything but weak, though, so find one of these shows to support.

The cut*off/The Demigs/Grassfight/Deep Snapper (Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studio)
This show is being sponsored by the UNT-FMLA group, and while I’m not quite sure what “FMLA” stands for, the Rubber Gloves website says they are a group devoted to “raising gender issues on campus”. I think the specific purpose of this particular show is to raise awareness about domestic abuse, as would be suggested by the “Stop the Violence” phrase on the promotional poster for the show. As for the bands on the lineup, my love for The Cut*off and The Demigs is quite well documented. I’ve never seen Grassfight, but the stuff on their MySpace suggests this band has loads of promise. I don’t really know anything about Deep Snapper except that Demigs lead singer Chris Demiglio says they’re a great band. Hey, that’s enough in my book.

Backflap/Me And You/The LFD (Bar of Soap)Vulgarity and indecency has become a humongous fucking problem in our country. Shit, you can’t go anywhere without hearing assloads of profanity. Never fear mofo’s, The League of Fucking Decency (aka The LFD) are here to help this serious fucking problem. OK, on a semi-serious note here, this is a new band that needs your support. This is only their second show I believe, but these guys have a fresh sound and are quite funny. The LFD is the opener, and there’s never a cover at Bar of Soap, so if you can, catch their set which starts at 9:30.

Here are a few more shows that are worth your attention:

Why are those shows worthy? Cause I said so. That’s the cause. Get It? “Cause” I said so.

Okay, I get the hint; I’m giving up the dream of stand-up comedy.


Lonestar said...

I thought it was hilarious!
Never give up trying to make people laugh. GHOST RULES!!!

Scotty Mankoff

Lonestar said...

You are hilarious, don't give up on Comedy!
Crazy Picture Guy
Scotty Mankoff

bill h said...

Fred said Sarah's show was great, but had to leave early to practice for tonight at Doublewide. I love Grass Fight, great interesting vocals, very strong.

Lonestar said...

Pics of the gig are now online by your friend Crazy Picture Guy!
Sarah and then Will. Plus I took more video than pictures...
See Sarah and Will using this link.