Saturday, February 16, 2008

Good Shows Tonight That Don’t Have Chomsky on the Lineup

Okay, so Chomsky isn’t the only band playing tonight. Granted, it might be another three years (or longer) before your next opportunity to see them play, but if that’s not your cup of tea, you’re a weirdo. But that’s enough of the smart remarks. Seriously, there are several other shows I’d love to see tonight. If I could clone myself, I’d check out these other shows.

Sara Donaldson, Van Risseghem (Opening Bell Coffee)
Is there anything Sara Donaldson cannot do? She’s a photographer, painter, she has a degree in marine biology, she teaches yoga, and she plays piano, guitar, and cello. All these activities keep Ms. Donaldson quite the busy woman, and that doesn’t leave her much time to perform. This is her first show since I’m not sure when. It’s not three years like Chomsky, but it’s still a long time. I can only hope this is the first of many more shows to come. By the way, Ms. Donaldson, when is your next album coming out? I’m impatiently waiting…

Freewill Benefit (The Green Elephant)
In January, rap group Neva Dug Disco lost one of their own. William Hunnicutt, aka Freewill, died of a heart attack, leaving behind family and friends. Perhaps saddest of all, his girlfriend was pregnant, and his child will never have the chance to know him. This show is a benefit to help his family. While there will be some tears shed I’m sure, I expect that this will also be a celebration of his life. After all, with PPT as one of the groups on the bill, fun is inevitable. I don’t know any the other rappers on the bill, as I admit my knowledge of the Dallas hip-hop scene is sorely lacking, but I suspect that if you want to get “schooled” on the local hip-hop scene, this is the perfect night to learn.

I Love Math, Marcus Striplin, Sarah Jaffe (Barley House)
My only complaint with last week’s show is the fact that most of the SMU crowd at Barley House was more interested in talking over Marcus Striplin’s solo set instead of listening to it. I’d be curious to see if they shut up for Sarah Jaffe. When I saw her party at Allgood Café last month, the place was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. That was in spite of the fact that I have never seen Allgood as packed as it was that night. So if you’re a SMU frat boy reading this (admittedly unlikely), if you’re not going to shut up, get the hell out of Barley House. This lineup deserves better than that.

Fishing For Comets (City Tavern)
Okay, so it hasn’t been eons since the last FFC show, this is not a benefit, and no one’s about to leave for New York City (like Mr. Striplin is doing), but if you’re in need of turning that frown upside down, there’s no better cure for being down than this band.

Great shows, but if you want to know where to find me, I’ll be at Double-Wide. Get there early; you don’t want to miss out on Tonite Tonite. Trust me on this one.

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