Saturday, February 9, 2008

Another Saturday Night

Here's a quick look at some of the best choices for tonight:

Inner City All-Stars (Gezellig)
When the Dallas Observer held their Music Awards Showcase on Lower Greenville Avenue, there were plenty of great bands playing. Out of them all, however, the perfomance by Inner City All-Stars at Gezellig stood out as the best and the brightest. The band returns to the scene of the crime to celebrate the release of their CD, Gotta Move On. Be prepared to be moved, and be prepared to move your body. This will be a massive party!

I Love Math, Marcus Striplin, Handclaps and Harmonies (Barley House)
Last year did not give us many chances to see John Dufilho. He was quite busy drumming for Apples in Stereo, leaving little opportunity to play with either Deathray Davies or his other project, I Love Math. Mr. Dufilho is obviously making up for lost time, playing both this Saturday and next Saturday with I Love Math. Pleasant Grove lead singer Marcus Striplin is on the bill, as are Handclaps and Harmonies, whose Beach Boys and early Beatles influenced melodies will have you thinking the year is 1964. By the way, it's about damn time that the Barley House have a lineup this solid.

Spector 45 and guests (Club Dada)The show is free, and I'm not even sure if Frankie and the guys know who else they're playing with. Expect lots of drinking and mayhem. I mean that in a good way!

Stella Rose, The Frontier Brothers, Kirkland James, Grassfight (The Cavern)This lineup consists of two bands I haven't seen but really, really want to see (Frontier Brothers, Grassfight), one artist I know nothing about (Kirkland James), and Stella Rose, who I've only seen once and need to see again. Their sound is sort of like Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, except heavier, and their drummer Matt Mabe is a monster behind the drum kit. Stella Rose doesn't play near enough Dallas shows; convince them to do otherwise.

Finally, I'd like to bring your attention to a show that is NOT happening tonight. Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Lights were supposed to be playing tonight at Hank's in McKinney. However, they had to cancel the show. They also were supposed to play at Coach Joe's a few weeks ago in Frisco, and that show was cancelled as well. Come on Johnny, show a little love to the northern parts of Dallas. I say you should hold a free show in McKinney or Frisco just to make up for that. Just kidding guys. Sort of.


Dave said...

You play a mean go-go bell for a ghost!

Jacob said...

Jonathan Tyler offered to do a free show at Hanks. The show was canceled to negotiate a deal with Atlantic in LA. They'll be at Joe's again soon and all their shows are free.