Monday, February 18, 2008

The Battle is On!

Quick Magazine has just begun its second annual Battle of the Bands contest. If you didn’t participate last year, let me give you a summary of how it works. Artists are pitted against each other in a bracket style competition, and the readers vote on each of the match-ups. Whoever gets the most votes in its battle makes it to the next round. Go here to see all the rules, when each round begins and ends, and most importantly, go vote!

Below is a list of all the competitions in each bracket. For each competition, the artist highlighted is the one I voted for and felt was most deserving of the win. Whether or not you agree with my decisions, please go to the site and cast your ballots. The overall winner will be announced sometime after March 25th, once voting for the final round ends. That artist will join Dirty Dialect Click in their Hall of Fame. By the way, I admit my local hip-hop knowledge is lacking, but has that band done ANYTHING lately? It’s like they came out of nowhere, won the competition, and then disappeared as quickly as they emerged. I hope that doesn’t happen to this year’s winner.

Anyways, here are the artists, my picks, as well as a little editorializing from yours truly. I didn't feel like creating a link to each and every artist, but you can find the links for these artists when you vote.

Bracket 1:
Record Hop vs. Dust Congress
Odis vs. Johnny Lloyd Rollins
Mr. Lucci vs. Bridges and Blinking Lights
Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights vs. Lex Lu
Smile Smile vs. Travis Hopper
Tum Tum vs. Radiant
Sean Kirkpatrick vs. Tree Wave (Haven’t seen either live yet, but I hold a soft spot for the Atari 2600 era sound effects from Tree Wave)
The Crash That Took Me vs. Deaf Pedestrians

Bracket 2:
PPT vs. Denton County Revelators
Mr. Pookie vs. Calhoun
Sarah Jaffe vs. The New Frontiers
The Hourly Radio vs. Max Cady
Kottonmouth vs. THe BAcksliders (I'm sorry, but match up isn't even close... I'm 110% behind THe BAcksliders)
Red Monroe vs. Saboteur
The Slack vs. Playdough
Ghosthustler vs. Laura Palmer

Bracket 3:
Salim Nourallah vs. Florene (I think Florene shows a lot of promise, but they had the misfortune of being pitted against a true Dallas great. Better luck next time.)
Daniel Folmer vs. Shibboleth
Fishboy vs. Carmen Rodgers (I know I’m gonna get flack on this one… bring it on)
Headkrack vs. Green River Ordinance
The Drams vs. Steve Austin
Fair to Midland vs. Verbal Seed
The Paper Chase vs. Shanghai 5
St. Vincent vs. Theater Fire

Bracket 4:
Black Tie Dynasty vs. Hendrick
Mom vs. Muddy Waters
Robert Gomez vs. Dove Hunter
Big Tuck vs. Geno Young
Baboon vs. Thesis
Strange Fruit Project vs. Lovie
Doug Burr vs. Pleasant Grove (this was the hardest decision right here)
Midlake vs. Collin Herring

Again, I stress that you need to vote. Don’t assume your favorite local artist is safe. It never entered my mind that Sorta might lose the first round to a rap group I’d never even heard of. But that’s exactly what happened. This is why you need to go vote now… don’t wait.

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