Saturday, October 6, 2007

Oklahoma Bad, Free Drink Good

Oklahoma beat us, 28-21. I didn’t see the game, and right about now, I’m glad I didn’t. Now comes the worst part. I will be surrounded by Oklahomans tonight who will be gloating over their school’s victory. Of course, here’s the bright side. Tomorrow they’ll leave here to go back to Oklahoma, and I’ll be staying in Dallas. Now who’s the winner?

Speaking of winning, here’s a little contest. We’ll see if anyone wins. As I mentioned earlier, I’ll be at Adair’s watching the ever fabulous Macon Greyson. If you’re the first person tonight to come up to me and say “Ghost of Blind Lemon rules, Oklahoma sucks,” then I’ll buy you a drink of your choosing.

Fake Legal Disclaimer: This offer is only valid for Texas citizens. Anyone wearing any OU gear is not eligible to win. Oh, and a pitcher is not “a drink”, so don’t even try that.

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MRS+*¨^¨*+POTTER said...

I will have a DIRTY Grey Goose Martini/Shaken not stired/Three Olives not two/and extra olive juice if you please.

I miss you, school is kicking my ass.

I am still meeting up with all of my closest friends for December 14 at Dave & Busters. So, my party will include you and me and maybe my mom and dad(but I don't know my parents stood me up last year when I went to the Fox & Hound), we will see.

I figure it is poitless asking Nichole to come. Has she ever remembered my birthday? Has she ever cared? She only comes around when she needs or wants something. OH, it's close to her birthday, she will come around expecting her fucking birthday gift. :) I still love her, I am just venting. Okay? I will be alright.

I hope you had fun tonight.

I look forward to seeing you soon.

Is the camera still working for you?

Kisses ~ Stacy