Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Does Bad News Really Come in Threes?

I’m hoping that’s just a cliché, because I have discovered two pieces of bad news in the past few days. I’m sure most of you have heard about this already, but Secret Headquarters (SHQ) in Denton is no more. The club has always had more than its share of financial difficulties, but in a letter sent out by Scott Porter, it seemed as if the place had a new lease on life. Even though there would be fewer shows there starting next year, at least the venue would still exist. Unfortunately, an act of vandalism this past Saturday night brought about the end of the club. It’s a shame to see SHQ leave so suddenly. I only had the fortune of seeing one show there. It was the cut*off and The Demigs, and after that evening, they became two of my favorite bands in the metroplex. Whatever the venue may have lacked in terms of a visual aesthetic, they made up for it in quality of bands, low cover charges, and four beautiful letters: BYOB. I’m sorry to see Secret Headquarters go, and I wish the owners much luck in whatever else they pursue in the future.

The second piece of news I discovered was about John Brewer, better known as “Beard”. If you’ve ever been at Club Dada, you have no doubt seen Beard checking ID’s at the front door and you’ve probably enjoyed many a conversation with the man. He was checked into Parkland Hospital on Friday night, suffering what was described as a seizure. Fluid was found in his lungs, and tests are still being done to find out the root cause of the problem. Fortunately, Beard is doing better, and the breathing tube he had has been removed. Unfortunately, since he is without medical insurance, this will mean he’ll have to deal with hospital bills, when his only focus should be on getting better. Club Dada will be hosting a benefit for Beard on Sunday, October 28th. All the proceeds from the tickets will go to his family. If you’re in a band and would like to play the benefit, contact Dada.

So far, there’s no third piece of bad news. Let’s keep it that way folks.

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