Friday, June 22, 2012

Weekend Plans: 6/22/12

I plan on getting to the Deep Ellum Food Truck Rally early, which doesn't allow for much writing time.  That's ok, as I feel these shows speak for themselves.  Find a show or two (or more) to go see.


  • Deep Ellum Food Truck Rally with The Roomsounds/Ducado Vega/Home by Hovercraft
  • Whiskey Folk Ramblers/Sealion/RTB2 (LaGrange)
  • Dovetail/East Cameron Folklore/Parallel Play/Playtime Rabbit (The Prophet Bar)
  • The Cush/Menkena (Lola's Saloon)
  • Telegraph Canyon/Calhoun (The Live Oak)
  • The Monco Poncho/Aristoscat/The P-Town Skanks (Double-Wide)
  • The Vliets/Early Morning Creatures/O Conqueror (Dada)
  • Agent Ribbons/My Kickdrum Heart (The Crown and Harp)

  • John Lefler EP Release/Salim & The Treefort 5/Dovetail/Doug O' Rourke (Sons of Hermann Hall)
  • The Demigs/The Boom Bang/The Birds of Night/La Panther Happens (Andy's Bar)
  • Art of Mistrust/Signals & Alibis/Sink or Swim (The Cellar)
I'm sure I missed something.  Be sure to post it in the comments section and chide me for my error.

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