Sunday, June 24, 2012

GOBL's Top 50: #35 & #34

In order to keep my Top 50 countdown on track, I bring you not one, but two songs today.

The first is from a band that when I was sent a download link to their album Slow Descent, I almost did not open it.  I always thought of The Timeline Post as metal, and I'll be the first to admit I'm not much of a metal fan.  Fortunately for me, I gave the album a listen, and it proved to be one of the most surprising listens in my five years of blogging.  Yes, there are some heavy influences found on the album, most notably on "Wedding Bell Murders", "Success", and the title track, which borders on fitting in on a KDGE playlist from the mid 2000's or so.  But even when the band leans on the heavy side, the strong melodies and haunting lyrics prevent the band from sounding cliched.  The standout song on the album, however, is clearly "Three".  This dark waltz (done in 3/4 time, presumably why they call the track "Three") possesses such a beautiful melody and harmony that it hides the darker content in the lyrics.  Take a listen to track #35 in the countdown.

Three by The Timeline Post on Grooveshark

Up next is an artist who sent me his first EP, Streetcar Visions, back in 2008.  The EP did have a certain charm, but it was Nicholas Altobelli's follow-up fell length, Waiting for the Flowers to Bloom, that truly delivered on the promise hinted at on the EP.  Since 2008, Mr. Altobelli has released a total of six albums and EP's, proving to be one of the most prolific singer-songwriters in the area.  He even had the privilege of recording a duet with Caitlin Cary, formerly of Whiskeytown, on Radio Waves and Telephone Wires.  Still, my favorite track of his is "Dalton the Prophet", featured on Waiting for the Flowers to Bloom.  For the record, it also contains my favorite line of Mr. Altobelli's, "When the war ends it'll be the death of me".  You can hear that line, as well as the rest of song #34 in the countdown, below.

Dalton the Prophet by Nicholas Altobelli on Grooveshark

Stay tuned tomorrow for song #33, as I continue to count down my favorite local tunes of the past five years.