Wednesday, June 20, 2012

GOBL's Top 50: #38 "Need a Release", the cut*off

Dear cut*off,

Before I became "The Ghost", you knew me under a different name.  I was a regular at all your shows, always in the front row singing all the words to your songs.  Yes, those were the good days.

I know the band has since dispersed.  One member is in California, and at least one other member has joined another band (Chad Sones, now of Bravo Zulu).  Still, I feel a cut*off reunion is longer overdue.  Everyone else is jumping on the reunion show bandwagon.  Even Chemistry Set is reuniting.  Let's made the cut*off part of this trend.  That way we can hear more of the great lyrics of Kyle Barnhill, featured in the below track "Need a Release".

But don't do it for "The Ghost".  Do it for your old friend.

Yours truly,

Fast Eddie

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