Friday, June 29, 2012

GOBL's Top 50: #31-#29

First off, I hope you're enjoying this series of my top local picks of the past five years.  In an attempt to catch up and keep the countdown on track, I'm bundling the last three songs into one post.

Song #31 on the list comes courtesy of the now defunct Blue Petal.  The band had not been together for long when I started the blog, and was not on most people's radar.  One person who had taken notice of the band, however, was Carter Albrecht.  He put the song "Move Along" on his MySpace page (back when people used it).  When Mr. Albrecht's life was cut short, people went to his page, and along with all the comments from the mourners, people heard the music of Blue Petal.  Through that tragedy, people came to take notice of the band's music, and the band later played several of the memorial shows for Mr. Albrecht.  Leave it to Carter, even in his death, to come to the aid of a fellow deserving musician.

Move Along by Blue Petal on Grooveshark

Now for a complete change of pace for song #30 on the countdown.  When thinking of popular bands in Dallas in the past few years, Ishi is definitely on the short list.  Undoubtedly, the band's campy live shows and excellent danceable melodies have endeared them to the local music community.  If you want to see what makes them popular, check them out tomorrow night at the Prophet Bar.  The band will be celebrating the release of the "Disco Queen" EP, and the show will also double as a for  And I feel rather safe in saying that before the night is over, the band will perform "Pastel Lights", the song that charts at #30.

Pastel Lights by Ishi on Grooveshark

Technically, the song at #29 should not be eligible for the countdown.  After all, this is a celebration of songs released since the debut of my blog.  Ducado Vega's track, "Seven",  was released in 2005, two years before the beginning of the blog.  It wasn't until 2011, however, when The Local Edge with Mark started playing the track, that most of the local music community took note of Mr. Vega.  While the song was already close to six years old, the song did not feel dated.  In fact, during a period where the two main local music movements were blues/roots rock and electronica/dance, Ducado Vega's music was getting attention at just the right moment.  "Seven" successfully combined elements of funk, rock, and a dance beat that only the squarest of squares would not want to dance to.  Take a listen to the song below, and check Ducado Vega out tomorrow at The Colony Block Party.

sEVEN by Ducado VeGA on Grooveshark

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