Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Better Living Through Chemistry... Set

Before the blog, I had a tradition of holding my birthday shows at Barley House.  I'm proud to say that I managed to gather many a fabulous act for these shows.  The alumni list includes The Deathray Davies, Salim Nourallah, Sorta, The Happy Bullets, the cut*off (I'll be discussing them later today), and Rahim Quazi, just to name a few.  Some acts, like Rahim Quazi, played multiple years.  Yet only one band holds the distinction of playing every one of the Barley House birthday shows: The Chemistry Set.

Alas, The Chemistry Set disbanded in 2008.  That year was the first year that I did not hold a birthday show at Barley House.  And while there were other circumstances that distracted me from booking a show that summer, somehow it seemed fitting to end them.  After all, it just wouldn't feel right to do a show without The Chemistry Set.

You could only imagine my surprise when I saw the Facebook invite for a reunion show with Chemistry Set. Even more amazing is the fact that the show is being held on my birthday, August 25th.  Also on the lineup are Sunward and Tabula Rasa.  The latter band, featuring Steve Duncan of Chemistry Set and Doug Kershaw of Sunward, are also performing for the first time since... well, a super long time.

The fact that The Chemistry Set is performing on my birthday may just be coincidence, but whatever it is, I could not have asked for a better birthday gift than this show.  For those who saw the band play live, you know what an exhilarating experience their shows were.  Those who were not fortunate enough to experience the band live, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to scratch this off your bucket list.

I leave you with this video of "Why Don't You?" from Blue Monsters, directed by another huge Chemistry Set fan, Digant Kasundra.

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