Friday, November 6, 2009

Weekend Shows

There are definitely some good options this weekend. Here's a little look:

Destroyer/Sarah Jaffe/RTB2 (Granada Theater)
No, I'm not branching out into discussing national bands, and I'm not going to say anything about Destroyer. Instead, I'd rather talk about how much ass both Ms. Jaffe and RTB2 kick. Sarah's voice has a quality to it that can send goosebumps down anyone's spine. I'm convinced she could sing the phone directory and it'd send a chill up my spine. RTB2's speciality isn't sending chills up a person's spine; the band specializes in a very raw and primal sound. Front man Ryan Thomas Becker manages to seamlessly incorporate elements of blues, soul, and garage rock in his songs. He's a rare performer who has a distinctive style, even though his songs do not sound like carbon copies of one another. Even if Destroyer wasn't on this bill, it would be a must see show.
The O's/Menkena (Allgood Cafe)
The O's have definitely become local music icons in the past year, and deservedly so. This is a hard working band that puts on one seriously entertaining show, filled with plenty of humorous banter between sets. More importantly, this is a duo of two highly talented musicias that know how to write good music. Menkena has not reached that same level of media attention, and that's a problem. I have not encountered a band with a fresher, more original sound all year than Menkena. The band will be playing songs tonight from their upcoming full length CD. Start saving your pennies, because you want this CD in your collection.

The Crash That Took Me/True Widow/Stereo Is A Lie/Gaffney (Sons of Hermann Hall)
This is the CD release party for Chlorine Colored Eyes, and the $10 cover charge includes your own copy of the CD. TCTTM's new CD has spent plenty of my time in the CD player. This effort does find the band getting even more experimental and psychedelic with its sound than on the previous CD. Yet at the same time, the sound is unmistakably TCTTM. Some of this is because of lead vocalist Dylan Silver's unmistakable voice, but I'm going out on a limb and saying that drummer Eddie Thomas' work is truly what makes the sound so distinct. This band is allowing Mr. Thomas to show off his full musical potential, something that was only hinted at during his time with Black Tie Dynasty. Oh, and True Widow is also on the bill, and their set will amaze you.
Dove Hunter/The O's/The Orbans/the cut*off (The Moon Bar)
What, is Dallas not good enough to get a lineup this killer? Any one of the bands alone would be worth the cover. Together, this surely has to be the "most bang for the buck" show.
The Felons/Tribella/Fingerless Ghost (Jack's Backyard)
The Felons are always an entertaining back to watch. Their bassist, Adam Carter, is also in the band Spector 45, and is known for doing crazy stuff onstage, sometimes resulting in bodily injury to himself (anyone remember the Spector 45 set at the DOMA showcase?). Fortunately, Felons lead singer Dave Hickmott seems to keep Mr. Carter well under control during their shows.
The Monco Poncho/The Jungle Rockers (Double-Wide)
Few local bands have a fan base as enthusiastic as that of The Monco Poncho. It would be tempting to call the band gimmicky, with their western costumes and the fans shooting cap guns between the sets. The problem, however, is that does not give the band the credit it deserves for its well written songs. In fact, if you peel away the twang from their songs, what you have are straight ahead perfect pop songs. Still, the outfits and cap guns are a lot of fun.

I'm sure I've missed some good shows. If so, post them in the comments section.

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