Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday (and Saturday) Shows

Wal-Mart isn't the only place offering up great deals this weekend. Check out all these fabulous shows happening over the next two days. There are plenty of good events this weekend, so browse over the options, and surely you'll find at least one show you'll be compelled to attend.

The JC Experience (Smoke)
John Pedigo (The O's, Boys Named Sue, Rose County Fair) told me about this very unique show that he and Chad Stockslager (The King Bucks) are assembling. It's a variety show featuring music and comedy starring both John and Chad, as well as special guests. I've heard rumors that Dave Little and Chris Holt will be among those contributing their talents, but I cannot confirm anyone but John and Chad. I've also heard that the food at Smoke is killer. Save some money so you can dine on the barbecue.
Marcus Striplin/Camille Cortinas/Trey Johnson (Opening Bell Coffee)
I'd pay the suggested $6 cover charge for any single performer on this lineup. To get all playing for $6 is a steal. Here's hoping I can convince Marcus to play my favorite Pleasant Grove song, "Commander Whatever".
The Kul/Dertybird/The Archetypes (City Tavern)
The Kul just might be the best band you've never heard of. Their set at the DOMA showcase was really incredible, and anyone who likes their rock on the funky side needs to see this band. I've also heard good word of mouth on Dertybird.
Slobberbone (Dan's Silverleaf)
If you want to know what it feels like to be a packed sardine, head to Dan's. This is not a good show for the claustrophobic, but Slobberbone will undoubtedly bring the house down (or in this case, the bar down).
Emmeline (Buon Giorno Coffee)
I fell in love with her music the first time I heard her perform at Lakewood Bar & Grill, and anyone near the Grapevine area should go to Buon Giorno tonight.

The Drams (Bryan Street Tavern)
Brent Best will be a tired man this weekend: Friday at Dan's with Slobberbone, Saturday at Bryan Street Tavern, and Sunday he plays a solo set at Barley House.
Haight Ashbury Band/The Roomsounds/The Hot Tickets/Men As Trees Walking/The Burroughs (The Prophet Bar)
The Roomsounds' "Young & Reckless" has been in my heavy rotation. The song is two minutes and fourteen seconds of near pop perfection, sounding like an updated version of The Byrds. Also on the bill is The Burroughs, a new band led by Spencer Garland. For those who don't remember, he was the opening act at the GOBL 2 year anniversary show. It's a shame that he hasn't received more local recognition; his lyrical wit is razor sharp and will grab the attention of those who will listen. Here's hoping that he can maintain that level of songwriting with a full band behind him.
RTB2/Bridges & Blinking Lights/The O's (Lola's Sixth Street)
My hats off to Mr. Urquhart for such a good Good Show showcase.

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