Sunday, November 29, 2009

MySpace Playlist: 11/29/09

  1. "Christmas (Doesn't Have to Be So Bad)", THe BAcksliders
    One of my life rules is to never play Christmas songs before Thanksgiving. So even though THe BAcksliders have had this track up for several weeks, I didn't want to post it until Thanksgiving had past. Now that it's over, I'm thrilled to share this song with you.

  2. "The Fine Art of Bleeding", The Slack
    The Slack's new album, The Deep End, won't be available for purchase until early next year. Fortunately, Chris Holt and the gang have felt generous enough to share some tracks from the upcoming CD on their MySpace. As usual, Mr. Holt's songs are stellar and his musical skill is otherworldly.

  3. "Celtic", Shallow Reign
    If Deep Ellum nostalgia is what you're craving, then The Prophet Bar is the place you should be Saturday. The lineup reads like a who's who of late 80's/early 90's local bands. Shallow Reign are on the lineup, as are Locos Gringos, Decadent Dub Team, Bat Mastersons, Buena Vistas, and too many more to mention.

  4. "Every Now and Then", They Were Stars
    I know many people have been quite critical of the reopening of Trees. Admittedly, not all of the music is my personal taste, but the return of this venue is something that Deep Ellum desperately needed. I saw Dovetail there in September, and I must say I think the place looks great and the sound system is good. I may make a return visit this Saturday, as They Were Stars opens up a fabulous lineup including Pale Horse (featuring members of GOBL favorite Greater Good), Air Review, and Radiant.

  5. "Awakening", Summer Ames
    Pascale (from Opening Bell Coffee) started chatting yesterday about favorite local acts, and she mentioned Summer Ames as one of her personal favorites. I saw her perform earlier this year, and I must admit that she's got a great voice and some solid tunes. And is it just me, or does this song seem tailor made for an ipod commercial?

  6. "Finger Trace", Ryan Thomas Becker
    I've really been digging "Seek Fire, Anime Kids" from Mr. Becker's new solo CD, Neighborhoof. That track, however, almost sounds like what you'd expect from RTB2. I opted for this track, as it showcases a very different musical side of Ryan.

  7. "Release the Squid (Box 6)", The Deathray Davies
    I'm surprised I've heard such little fanfare in regards to this band's show at Double-Wide Saturday night. I still suspect that DW will be very packed for the band's show. Few bands are as consistently good live as this band.

  8. "Friendly Fire", Jet City Rotation
    I love it when good bands find and befriend me on MySpace. That's how I discovered Jet City Rotation. The band seems to have a definite Strokes influence, as well as a hint of new wave influence. Everything I've heard from this band shows great potential, and I have a suspicion that this band could put on an amazing live set. I'd love to test that hypothesis soon.

  9. "Henry the Skunk", The Boom Boom Box
    I have nothing new to say about this song. I've said before that it rocks, and it continues to rock. What more can be said?

  10. "Afraid of the Dark", Sorta
    I recently discovered that Sorta had uploaded its self titled CD on MySpace, as well as their previous effort, Sad and Strange But True. This closing track of their farewell eponymous CD ranks as one of my favorite songs ever by the band. This song never fails to yank at my heartstrings, particularly towards the end as the band continues to sing "oh, it's over." I miss this band, and more to the point, Carter, you are still (and always will be) missed.

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Anonymous said...

I feel the same way about the Sorta track (and Carter). Hearing that song live at the HoB last year seriously choked me up.
Viva Sorta!