Monday, November 30, 2009

Good Tuesday Shows... No, That's Not an Oxymoron

Traditionally, Tuesdays are the worst day of the week for shows. You haven't even made it to "hump day", yet you've made it past both the weekend and Monday. Many clubs do not even book bands on Tuesday, and those that do book bands do not bring out their top talent on Tuesdays. To have one intriguing show on a Tuesday is rarity; two good shows is practically unheard of. Yet tonight finds two shows that are worth the time and money.

Today marks the release of Ryan Thomas Becker's solo CD, Neighborhoof. If you're not familiar with Mr. Becker's work, then you're probably not well acquainted with local music. Between The Slow Burners, Eaton Lake Tonics, and RTB2, Ryan has been responsible for more than his share of great songs. While the opening track of the CD, "Seek Fire, Anime Kids", sounds like it would fit in perfectly on an RTB2 album, much of the rest of the album finds Mr. Becker in a more introspective state of mind. Tracks like "Premaries" and "Where Your Father Didn't Go" have a simple beauty to them that may surprise those only familiar with Mr. Becker's work with RTB2. I'm sure you can find Mr. Becker performing all the aforementioned tracks plus many others when he plays tonight at J&J's Pizza in Denton.

City Tavern finds itself hosting a great show for an unfortunate reason. Recently, local musician Greg Schroeder's musical gear was stolen. It is my understanding that the proceeds of this show will help Mr. Schroeder replace the stolen gear. Greg will be performing at the show, as well as Here In Arms, Madison King, Cousin Wes, and Grant Jones & The Pistol Lassos. Here's hoping that plenty of money is raised to help Greg.

Pretty good shows, especially for a Tuesday night, don't you think?

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